Flag of Hong Kong

Exchange Program: The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Clear Water Bay, Kowloon, Hong Kong

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) was established in 1991 as a research university, and quickly gained a global reputation. The faculty consists of 130 scholars from 35 countries with different cultural and ethnic backgrounds. The university strives to set the pace in the scientific, technological and business fields that drive development in today’s knowledge economy. Its four schools, Science, Engineering, Business and Management, and Humanities and Social Science provide a comprehensive range of program options to equip students with the well-rounded skills needed to be leaders in the workplace and play an active role in society. HKUST’s location in Hong Kong means it has strong links through exchanges and collaborations with leading universities and institutions around the country.

The School

Established in 1991 as a world-class technological university, with a special emphasis on research and post-graduate education. Incorporates business, science and engineering disciplines on a state-of-the-art campus in Clear Water Bay on Sai Kung. Current student enrollment is about 7500 total. HKUST’s MBA program is globally recognized as a top program. School is quite a distance from the “center” of Hong Kong (business district).

The City

With a population of seven million, Hong Kong is the world’s eleventh largest trading economy and has the second busiest container port globally. It is a vibrant, cosmopolitan city where Chinese traditions coexist with the latest world trends. Chinese art and culture are available alongside western performing and visual arts, including Chinese and Western films, international pop tours, and clubs. Colorful Chinese festivals provide insight into some of the traditions of China’s 500-year-old culture. Returned to Chinese sovereignty in 1997, the flow of people, goods and vehicles between Hong Kong and Mainland China have been expanding rapidly. Minibuses link the campus to nearby Mass Transit Railway subway stations which take you to most parts of the city. Buses and taxis are also available. On campus, there are numerous food options, offering northern and southern Chinese, other Asian, as well as international food, as well as a coffee shop and a snack shop. There are also banks, postal services, a supermarket, hair salon, bookshop, co-op shop, souvenir shop and self-service photocopiers. A health center is available with medical and dental clinics. There are a variety of recreational facilities, including but not limited to swimming pools, fitness facilities, climbing wall, tennis courts, and music rooms. HKUST’s advanced IT network and internet access covers all parts of the university, with bilingual Chinese and English capability.

Term Dates

Late August – mid-December*
Late August – late October (1st half)
Late October – mid-December (2nd half)

Late January – early June*
Late January – early April (1st half)
Early April – early June (2nd half)

*It is possible to go for a half semester

Courses Available

Courses in English as part of the MBA program. Selections are mainly in Finance and E-Business; also a few courses specializing in Asian and Chinese business management. Must take 8-12 credits per semester (HKUST rule). Option to take courses from the weekend MBA program. View the course schedule for more details.


Language of operation for university is English, a language that is widely spoken in Hong Kong, especially in the business community. University has a language center for students wanting to learn Asian languages.

Grade Conversion

Grading exactly matches the U.S. system, so you need to earn a C (70%) or better to get an “S” at UF.

Credit Conversion

Courses on a credit system and they match exactly with the U.S. credit system.

Minimum Credit Requirements

Average credit load is: 8-12 credits. A lighter course load can be taken with UF advisor’s approval. Minimum 2-3 courses (equivalent to at least 6 US credits) per term. A mandatory course load is 9-12 credits per semester.

Estimated Costs

Approximately HKD $63,000* (~$8,100) per semester for housing, food, transportation, books etc. *Based on 2012 estimates.


Hong Kong Dollar (HKD).


Due to heavy demand for on-campus accommodation from regular HKUST students, visiting students will NOT be considered for on-campus student accommodation. You may apply for the university’s off-campus student accommodation. However, because of limited provision and heavy demand, the university’s off-campus student accommodation is subject to availability at the time of application. You should be well prepared to arrange your own accommodations. Visit the Off-Campus Housing Section on the Student Affairs Office website for more details about off-campus housing.

Travel Opportunities

Hong Kong’s fast and cost-effective public transportation system provides easy access to beautiful beaches and countryside. For travel to China, Asia and the world, Hong Kong’s award-winning, ultra-modern Chek Lap Kok airport serves 40 cities in China and over 100 destinations worldwide. Most major Asian locations are within a four-hour flight and half the world’s population is within five hours by air. Beijing’s Forbidden City and the Xian Terracotta Warriors are both just three hours away.