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Exchange Program: Chinese University of Hong Kong

Hong Kong, P.R. China

The Chinese University of Hong Kong, commonly referred to as CUHK, is the second oldest university in Hong Kong; it is campus-based and also the only collegiate university in the territory. The motto of the university is “博文約禮” in Chinese, meaning “to broaden one’s intellectual horizon and keep within the bounds of propriety.”

The School

CUHK is a comprehensive and well-respected Asian university, and it was the first university in Hong Kong to establish a full-time MBA degree. The science and business programs are excellent, and the facilities are vast and spread over a very hilly campus, adjacent to the bay.

The City

Hong Kong is a beautiful bustling city on the southern tip of China and spread over several islands. Many take the ferries from one location to another. Hong Kong is vibrant and eclectic with a strong British influence. There are many restaurants and shopping centers and much money flows through the city. In a word, it is “exquisite”… like New York City transplanted onto the Hawaiian islands. Citizens are friendly and open to foreigners, but it is a fast-paced city with busy residents, work is a priority for many.

Term Dates

Students have the option to attend CUHK for a full term, one session or two sessions across terms.

Term 1: September – November

Term 2:
Session A: December – January
Session B: January – March

Term 3:
Session A: March – April
Session B: April– June

Summer: June – July

Courses Available

Courses in English as part of the MBA program. Variety of selections, including courses from the International Asian Studies Programme. Split term classes will meet twice a week on weekdays or for a whole day on the weekend. Intensive Chinese course open to exchange students for additional tuition fee. Visit the CUHK Curriculum page for more information.


Language of operation for MBA program is English, a language that is widely spoken in Hong Kong, especially in the business community. University offers other language courses through the foreign languages department, but exchange students must pay the tuition for them.

Grade Conversion

Grading exactly matches the U.S. system, so you need to earn a C (70%) or better to get an “S” at UF.

Credit Conversion

CUHK unitsUF credits

Courses on a “unit” system and they generally match with the U.S. credit system.

Minimum Credit Requirements

Minimum 2-3 courses (equivalent to at least 6 US credits) per term. Minimum course load is 9-12 credits per semester.

Estimated Costs

$1300 per month (housing, food, etc.). Won’t spend much on transportation if you live on campus. Can save more by preparing meals most of time.


Hong Kong Dollar (HKD).


On campus housing is not possible because the MBA program starts two months after the rest of the university has begun in the spring term and all of the dorm spots have been filled by then. The exchange contact will assist you in securing a service apartment (apartment with weekly cleaning service) near the university.

Travel Opportunities

Hong Kong’s fast and cost-effective public transportation system provides easy access to beautiful beaches and countryside. For travel to China, Asia and the world, Hong Kong’s award-winning, ultra-modern Chek Lap Kok airport serves 40 cities in China and over 100 destinations worldwide. Most major Asian locations are within a four-hour flight and half the world’s population is within five hours by air. Beijing’s Forbidden City and the Xian Terracotta Warriors are both just three hours away.