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Significant Digits: August 2022

Too Much of a Good Thing Amazon has been the flag bearer for the extremely high-performing Industrial sector for the past several years. It has already been an incredibly long run for the sector and it may not be over. The warehouse market evolved over the past several years and it may continue to trade [...]

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Significant Digits: March 2022

Single-Family Homes – Build to Rent The distinction between rented and owner-occupied residences has typically been that apartments are rented and single-family houses are owner-occupied. Despite this generalization, individuals and small private investors have rented single-family homes forever. Until recently, this has occurred at a small scale with individuals and private investment groups acting as [...]

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Significant Digits: October 2021

Private Sector Real Estate Returns Over the previous four quarters, all investment markets attempted to adjust to the second quarter 2020 news that the global economy was closed in an attempt to control the spread of the virus. Many real estate factors responded to the shock: sales volume dropped, leasing stopped, and uncertainty spiked. Starting [...]

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Significant Digits: March 2021

Each issue of Due Diligence offers a unique collection of Significant Digits which are charts with short descriptions. The goal is to highlight some interesting data from the market that can be understood at a glance. This issue reveals the 2020 pattern of residential sales in Florida and continued growth in state population. Residential Sales [...]