Florida Consumer Sentiment: Floridians are Feeling Better About the Economy

Florida consumers seem more optimistic than they’ve been in more than two years. Floridians’ overall sentiment increased 3.1 points to 72.6 in January from the previous month (Figure 1) — the highest level since September 2021, according to the latest survey from the University of Florida’s Bureau of Economic and Business Research (BEBR). Source: University [...]

Recent Findings

$1.8B The effect of relaxing local regulations on federal rental assistance programs Researchers from the American Enterprise Institute and Bates White LLC simulated increasing housing supply on the cost of U.S. housing assistance programs in 11 metros. Increased construction from relaxing supply-constraining regulations for a decade would save $1.8 billion and increase the families served [...]

Florida Housing Market Weathers Storm of Higher Interest Rates

Mortgage rates more than doubled the past two years … 3% 6.8% Causing monthly mortgage payments to spike up across Florida … Average monthly principle and interest (P&I) for Florida median-priced home Yet the number of Florida homes sold held fairly steady … And the percentage of homes purchased with cash ticked up only in [...]

Recent Findings

5.7 Did pandemic relief fraud inflate house prices? House prices in ZIP codes with high levels of Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) fraud increased 5.7 percentage points more than ZIP codes with low fraud within the same county. The researchers from the University of Texas at Austin also found the probability a person receiving a suspicious [...]

Florida Consumer Sentiment: A Middling Mood

One way to view the outlook of Floridians is they are seeing a glass that’s half empty. But at least they’re not seeing an empty glass. That’s our takeaway of the latest survey gauging the sentiment of Florida consumers, which fell in September to an index of 66.3 (Figure 1). Despite a decline of nearly [...]

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Work from Home

A surge of U.S. employees worked remotely since 2020 — full-time or by splitting time at their employer’s premises. But the most recent data shows an uptick in people returning to the office. Teleworking Responses of private sector businesses to a survey about whether and how often their employees telework. Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor [...]

Florida Consumer Sentiment: Mood of Consumers Ticks Up

While not outrageously positive, the mood of Florida consumers has rebounded from a trough last summer when a spike in inflation rocked the economy, according to the most recent surveys from the University of Florida’s Bureau of Economic and Business Research (BEBR). The economic outlook of Floridians increased in May to an index of 68.8, [...]

Mapping the Change in Florida Property Value

The map shows the change in cumulative just value[1] of residential and commercial property by ZIP code from 2013-2022. Doesn’t include vacant land. Some ZIP codes omitted because of missing data. Values in Walton County’s 32459 tripled to $17 billion Values in Liberty County, which includes two ZIP codes, totaled $187 million in 2022 — [...]

Florida Consumer Sentiment: March 2023

The mood of Florida consumers ticked lower in December as Floridians were increasingly concerned about rising inflation, according to the latest survey from the University of Florida’s Bureau of Economic and Business Research (BEBR). The monthly index tracking the economic outlook of Floridians dropped to 64 in December, down 11% from 72.3 a year earlier [...]

Florida’s Tallest Buildings Through Time

Our infographics shows the tallest buildings in Florida at the time they were built, since 1925. Also included is the Waldorf Astoria Hotel & Residences, which will take the crown as the tallest when completed in 2027. Each building’s height is scaled in relation to the others. Illustrations by Savannah Doremus Freedom Tower, Miami* Built [...]

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Florida Consumer Sentiment

Confidence on Economic Conditions Remains Low The sentiment of Florida consumers remained fairly gloomy in September. That’s according to the latest survey tracking the economic outlook of Floridians conducted by the University of Florida’s Bureau of Economic and Business Research (BEBR). The monthly index stood at 64.4 in September, down 14% from 74.9 a year [...]

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Consumers’ Finances Weakened in 2022

Consumers followed some significant ups and downs over the past three years with emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, business closures and work stoppages, government stimulus and expanded unemployment benefits, surprise housing shortages, faltering supply chains, and now 40-year high inflation. Understanding consumers’ positions is important because they account for roughly two-thirds of the U.S. gross [...]

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Construction Costs

Source: BLS Producer Price Index, FRED Recession: First two quarters of 2020. Sources: CBRE Econometric Advisors, CBRE Strategic Investment Consulting Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

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Significant Digits: August 2022

Too Much of a Good Thing Amazon has been the flag bearer for the extremely high-performing Industrial sector for the past several years. It has already been an incredibly long run for the sector and it may not be over. The warehouse market evolved over the past several years and it may continue to trade [...]

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Significant Digits: March 2022

Single-Family Homes – Build to Rent The distinction between rented and owner-occupied residences has typically been that apartments are rented and single-family houses are owner-occupied. Despite this generalization, individuals and small private investors have rented single-family homes forever. Until recently, this has occurred at a small scale with individuals and private investment groups acting as [...]