Past Events

“Murph Workout”

UF MBA Veterans Association members gathered for a Murph Workout

The Veterans Association joined with GatorFit Club to host the “Murph Workout” in honor of Lieutenant Michael Murphy who was awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions during the War in Afghanistan. After Murphy’s death, this workout became popular among SEAL teams as it could be done almost anywhere and required very little equipment. Since then, CrossFit communities around the world conduct this workout in his memory.

Movie Night: The Outpost

The Veterans Association hosted a movie night to watch The Outpost which highlights the story of Combat Outpost Keating, one of many U.S. Army outposts established in Northern Afghanistan. Located in a remote valley, the base sustained regular Taliban attacks, culminating in one of the most violent engagements during Operation Enduring Freedom. Those who attended the viewing left with a newfound sense of patriotism, pride, and appreciation for all that veterans bring to the corporate world.

Group of students assembled outside with masks, some with bikes and bike helmets for the Murph Challenge they participated in

Murph Challenge

The Murph Challenge is a CrossFit workout that is performed in honor of a Navy Seal Lieutenant named Michael Murphy and consists of the following exercises: 1 mile run, 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, 300 squats, followed by a 1 mile run.

Ad Hoc Socials

Routine gatherings for members of the Association from all cohorts.