Applying to MBA?

Out@Warrington is committed to increasing the diversity and strength of our UF MBA program. We want to help you with your admissions process! If you’d like to connect for a 1-on-1 chat with someone in our program, please express your interest in Out@Warrington to anyone in our admissions office or reach out to us directly via email. We are happy to answer your questions and provide guidance on how to excel during your UF MBA interview.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I be “out” on my application?

Out@Warrington encourages you to be 100% your authentic self on your application to UF MBA, because we value diversity of experience and thought. That being said, being “out” will neither help nor hurt you on your application. UF MBA does not currently have a “self identification” question for LGBTQ+ Community, but we do have a short-answer question where you can describe your involvement with diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts. This would be the perfect place to describe any LGBT leadership experience, or your aspirations to be a leader or ally for LGBT community. Any information you submit will be held confidential, seen only by our admissions department.

Are there any scholarships offered for exceptional LGBTQ+ MBA candidates?

UF MBA is an official partner of the Reaching Out MBA (ROMBA) Fellowship and Scholarship. This is a joint effort between prominent business school programs and Reaching Out to develop the out LGBT+ and active ally business leaders of tomorrow. Each ROMBA Fellow receives a minimum $20,000 scholarship and access to exclusive leadership programming including an all-expenses-paid retreat. You can indicate your interest in this fellowship by describing your commitment to LGBTQ+ equality in the “What does diversity, equity, and inclusion mean to me?” question on our UF MBA application.

Is Gainesville a welcoming place for LGBTQ+ students?

Gainesville puts the “G” in Gaytors! With a population that skews younger and educated, Gainesville is an extremely gay-friendly, liberal town. You will frequently see queer couples out and about proudly holding hands, or frequenting our local gay bar The University Club. Gainesville is a place where you can feel safe being your true self. Downtown, there are three bright rainbow crosswalks that were initiated by our local Pride Community Center of North Florida, which serves as a LGBTQ community hub for 13 surrounding counties. Out@Warrington collaborates with Alachua TranQuility, our local transgender community group, for events and community service. At University of Florida, there are many LGBTQ organizations and clubs such as Pride Student Union, Pride Awareness Month, oSTEM, OutGrad, OutLaw, and Health Queer Alliance. Out@Warrington has close relationships with our peer organizations and occasionally hosts networking and cooperation events across programs.

I'm not out of the closet, will I be able to participate in Out@Warrington events?

Yes! Out@Warrington knows that are different stages of coming “out,” and we respect and honor that decision for each individual. Everyone joins our group as an ally, and remains an ally, unless otherwise spoken! Participating in Out@Warrington does not mean you have to be out, or even gay. Our community thrives from many diverse backgrounds and “letters of the rainbow” and is made better by our many allies.

Will my partner be welcome at Warrington events?

Yes! We regularly host Couples Game Nights and encourage you to include your partner for any and all events. It can be hard being the partner of someone in the academically rigorous MBA program, and we find that there is a special bond between partners who are supporting us through the program.