Gator SLAM

Gator SLAM (Sales Leadership And Mentorship) is designed as an experiential program for sales students in the Warrington College of Business.

Students are at UF to empower themselves to get a job. The mission of Gator SLAM is to present sales students an opportunity to develop their confidence and leadership abilities while enabling them to strengthen the soft skills. Gator SLAM is designed to enable students to reach their full potential.

Through a variety of activities, members of Gator SLAM will develop themselves as true consultative sales leaders. Members will serve as mentee or mentor based on the amount of experience, coursework, and extra-curricular activities and leadership. This organization is not a club, but an extra-curricular extension of the sales courses that offers a real opportunity for growth and experience through commitment to this program.

But more so, SLAM is a family of students dedicated to holding each other up. Students are proud that many of the internal conflicts in other programs and organizations don’t last long here. After all, it’s hard to stay mad at your brother or sister for too long. But more than that, SLAM mentors hold each other accountable to be the best student, professional, and person that they can be. If you’re interested in joining the team, applications will be available starting in mid to late November.

Ideal candidates will have a desire to grow as a professional and should have an interest in gaining sales skills and completing the Sales Minor. Candidates will be assessed on traits of coachability and growth mindset. You don’t have to be a polished sales expert, but rather have a desire to grow in that area. If you are good, you should have a humble confidence and still understand where you could use growth. If you are additionally interested in competing with the intercollegiate sales team, you will want to identify how much time you’re willing to spend practicing and learning. To see current timelines for applying, please click the “apply now” link below.