Professional Selling

Sales permeates every industry. No matter what job students go into after graduating from the University of Florida, students benefit from a sales background. Whether a student is selling his or her background to a potential employer or needs to sell a product in their role, a sales background provides students with the skills to be an immediately impactful employee.


Harvard Business Review recently found more than 50 percent of college graduates, regardless of major, will work in sales at some point.


Gartner also found that 80 percent of business majors will work in a selling role at some point in their career.

From ideas to products, everyone is selling something.

The sales program at the Warrington College of Business is built around two important areas – the curricular and the extracurricular.

The curricular aspect is strategically designed for students to learn about the world of sales. This isn’t door-to-door sales or selling at a car dealership. It’s about helping to develop the soft and hard skills that empower our graduates to immediately succeed in their careers.

The extracurricular opportunities provide students with opportunities to put what they learn into practice. Through organizations like GatorSLAM and Pi Sigma Epsilon, students learn how to compete and put their knowledge to the test against peers.

Together, these areas make up the influential student experience in UF’s sales program.

Professional Selling Minor id="sales-minor"

The Professional Selling minor gives students transferrable skills to stand out in whatever industry they choose to pursue. It provides students with an in-depth taste of what selling is like across industries.

The minor teaches students to think like a consultant. We help students become problem solvers, which changes the way they view challenges and makes them more capable of helping their employer with its problems. Students learn how to ask questions to solve problems and develop a natural curiosity. They work with nonprofits and other businesses in the Gainesville area as part of the program to learn hands-on skills that directly translate to their careers.

Courses are packed with information on ethics and dealing with failure. These topics help students develop their soft skills and become influential employees.

Interested students may begin pursuit of the Professional Selling minor immediately. Official declaration of this minor will be available beginning fall 2019.


Students experience the full spectrum of sales through the curriculum. To graduate with a minor in Professional Selling, students must complete an approved sales internship and take these classes:

  • Introduction to Financial Accounting (ACG2021)
  • Principles of Macroeconomics (ECO2013) or Principles of Microeconomics (ECO2023)
  • Professional Selling Seminar (MAR2401)
  • Principles of Marketing (MAR3023)
  • Professional Selling (MAR3400)
  • Sales Management (MAR4403)
  • Professional Selling Internship


Our Sales Leadership and Mentorship program (SLAM) was developed to offer sales students an integral resource for mentorship. Students in the program are directly mentored by faculty and peers. Students who apply and are accepted participate in workshops that grows soft skills that recruiters are looking for when they hire students.

The program helps grow strengths that don’t necessarily fit into the sales curriculum. One day, members will strengthen their elevator pitches. The next might focused on interviewing skills. Workshops also focus on goal setting and growth during and beyond college. Members of GatorSLAM are also active participants in the sales program, serving on committees that help steer and build the program.

GatorSLAM can also be an important resume builder for students. Employers and recruiters recognize the organization and understand the rigorous training students go through as a part of the program. It provides more time for students to spend with recruiters. Speakers from multiple companies speak to SLAM members and often work with students on topical issues.

Learn more about Gator SLAM.

This sales, marketing, and management group is open to all majors and helps students set themselves apart from peers.

Weekly chapter meetings include speakers, workshops and group activities, and students have leadership opportunities that look great on resumes. Students work with local companies and compete in competitions and professional development events across the country.

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