Visiting Scholar Policy

The Fisher School of Accounting and the International Center for Research in Accounting and Auditing (ICRAA) welcomes short term visiting scholars. A short term scholar is an individual engaged in conducting research, observing, consulting, teaching, training, or lecturing for a period of six months or less. Visiting scholars will need to provide their own funding and must meet UF funding requirements and regulations. The FSOA will provide visiting scholars access to a computer, office space, an email account, and to the library.

Short term scholars must be nominated by a faculty member in their institutions and sponsored by an FSOA faculty member. In selecting visitors, preference will be given to doctoral students who are advanced in their research program or post docs who can contribute to the FSOA research environment.

Application procedures:

  1. Nominations by the scholars’ faculty members must be sent between November 1 and March 1.
  2. The nomination package should include:
    1. The Scholar’s statement of purpose – no more than two pages describing the scholars’ interests and the work that he or she intends to do at FSOA, including any classes to be attended. The statement must also explain why FSOA is the appropriate place for the scholar’s planned work and how visitor can contribute to the research environment at FSOA.
    2. A letter from the FSOA faculty member who will act as the sponsor.
    3. A current CV.
    4. Any published work.
    5. A statement of support from the home institution, preferably the thesis supervisor.
    6. Evidence of financial support for the duration of the visit (note: if funding is conditional on acceptance of the visitor to FSOA, an conditional acceptance letter will be issued but proof of financial support must be provided prior to arrival on campus).
  3. Students are expected to arrive near the start of a new term (August or January).

These materials should be sent by email to W. Robert Knechel, Director of ICRAA.