International Accounting & Auditing Center Visitors

Visiting Scholars

Visiting Scholars are advanced PhD students or recent graduates, who wish to gain international research experience. Read more about this opportunity in our Visiting Scholar Policy. Our most recent visitors are shown here in order of their visit, with current visitors shown first.

Yutao Chen
Southwestern University of Finance and Economics

Past Visiting Scholars

Silvia Triani
University of Parma and Ferrara

Chenyu Zhang
University of International Business and Economics

International Visitors

In addition to Visiting Scholars, the Center also welcomes Seminar Visitors and Visiting Professors. Seminar Visitors are experienced scholars visiting for a short term (one week or less) with a presentation to the faculty. Visiting Professors are experienced scholars with a longer term visit for purposes of collaboration.

Past International Visitors

Sven Hoerner
Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg

Malik Lachman
Technische Universität Berlin

Inez Verwey

Jukka Karjalainen
University of Eastern Finland

Marlene Willekens
KU Leuven

Steve Salterio
Queens School of Business