Meet the Team

Our Leadership Team works hard every day to make HLC the best it can be! Get to know our team…

  • Ava Compansano
    Ava Compansano

    Executive Director

  • Caleb Chambliss
    Caleb Chambliss

    Program Advisor

Administration Team

  • Austin Armbruster
    Austin Armbruster

    Director of Marketing

  • Grace Sullivan
    Grace Sullivan

    Director of Marketing

  • Gabriel Federighi
    Gabriel Federighi

    Director of Recruitment

  • Ryan Blume
    Ryan Blume

    Director of Engagement

Facilitation Team

  • August Gimenez
    August Gimenez
  • Ava Compansano
    Ava Camposano
  • Evan Kerr
    Evan Kerr
  • Grace Garland
    Grace Garland
  • Haley Park
    Haley Park
  • Jarrett Scarborough
    Jarrett Scarborough
  • Julia Gerber
    Julia Gerber
  • Kailey McDonald
    Kailey McDonald
  • Kate Caskey
    Kate Caskey
  • Katie Weigle
    Katie Weigle
  • Marley Soloman
    Marley Solomon
  • Nati Llanso
    Nati Llanso
  • Olivia Giffing
    Olivia Giffing
  • Olivia Muir
    Olivia Muir
  • Robby Sandargas
    Robby Sandargas
  • Taylor Benson
    Taylor Benson
  • Trent Burger
    Trent Burger