Meet the Team

Our Leadership Team works hard every day to make HLC the best it can be! Get to know our team…

  • Ava Daly
    Ava Daly

    Executive Director of Facilitation

  • Lauren Davis
    Lauren Davis

    Executive Director of Administration

  • Hunter Ackerman
    Hunter Ackerman

    Program Advisor

Administration Team

  • Aaron Levin
    Aaron Levin

    Director of Alumni Relations

  • Sarah Tran
    Sarah Tran

    Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

  • Isabella Voigt
    Isabella Voigt

    Director of Marketing

  • Haley Wadsworth
    Haley Wadsworth

    Director of Recruitment

Facilitation Team

  • Sarah Andros
    Sarah Andros
  • Ethan Benson
    Ethan Benson
  • Nina Berkowitz
    Nina Berkowitz
  • Drew Bulawa
    Drew Bulawa
  • Tianle (Peter) Chen
    Tianle Chen
  • Meghan Deery
    Meghan Deery
  • Diana Di Lodovico
    Diana Di Lodovico
  • Austin Fletcher
    Austin Fletcher
  • Noah Florin
    Noah Florin
  • Sofie Goldgewicht
    Sofie Goldgewicht
  • Emily Maguire
    Emily Maguire
  • Amanda Perry
    Amanda Perry
  • Wesley Quick
    Wesley Quick
  • Andrew Pao
    Andrew Pao
  • Brooks Powell
    Brooks Powell
  • Kira Pratico
    Kira Pratico
  • Jeff Seo
    Jeff Seo
  • Akshar Shukla
    Akshar Shukla