Flag of Peru

Exchange Program: Universidad del Pacifíco

Lima, Peru

The Universidad del Pacifíco is specialized in Business Management and Economics, and is regarded as the best Peruvian university in these fields.

Must be fluent in Spanish.

The School

The Universidad del Pacifíco, founded in 1962 is one of the most esteemed universities in Peru for business studies. It is a private university located in the suburbs of Lima in a safe, beautiful area. Approximately 2,000 students study business at the University, and they are one of the most technologically advanced educational institutions in Peru.

The City

Lima is the capital city of Peru and it is quite large and populated, housing nearly 1/3 of the total Peruvian population. Lima and Peru are both rich in history and landmarks, and if you enjoy being outdoors you’ll enjoy traveling through the country seeing the ruins and observing the history first-hand. As with any large populous city, you need to take precautions and always be vigilant in order to protect your safety. Many areas of the city and country are perfectly safe and could be compared to areas of Miami or New York City. Lima is generally considered a coastal city and the climate is temperate and dry. Most of Peru is blanketed in mountains (the Andes!) and you should be prepared for cold, dry weather.

Term Dates

Spring: March to July
Fall: August to December

Courses Available

Graduate business courses taken from MBA & Masters programs. Many courses are in the evening, being designed for working professionals. Most graduate business courses are 3 UP credits. You would get the equivalent credit for MIB. Must take minimum of 9 credits. There are a variety of courses from which to choose. Must take courses in Spanish. Some course reading materials may be in English.


Knowledge of Spanish is a must since you will have to take courses in Spanish. Many of the UP students at least speak basic English, but you’ll definitely have to practice your language skills around the city of Lima since good English is not very common.

Grade Conversion

UP GradeUP DescriptionUF AssignmentGrad Business
Below 11FailedD, EU

Credit Conversion

UP creditUF credit
3 (1.5 + 1.5)4

Minimum Credit Requirements

Minimum 12 credits required per semester. Can be waived/reduced with home advisor approval.

Estimated Costs

Approximately $2,800 per semester for housing, food, transportation, books etc. (based on 2013 estimates).


Nuevo Sol.


There is no “school” housing provided by the University. They will help you get into an apartment or an arrangement to live with a family (private room). Living with a family would cost approximately $250 USD with breakfast included. An apartment would be slightly more expensive per month.

Travel Opportunities

Lima is serviced by air through Jorge Chávez International Airport, Peru’s main hub for both national and international air traffic. Private buses, commonly known as micros or combis, are ubiquitous, employing a “chofer,” or driver, and a “cobrador,” who functions as a salesman, yelling the bus route to prospective passengers, and who collects your fare. Numerous inter-urban bus companies offer transportation to other cities in Peru. Quality varies depending on the price, from luxury express buses to uncomfortable and crowded micros.