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Exchange Program: SKEMA Business School

Lille, Paris or Sophia Antipolis, France

SKEMA Business School is born from a November 2009 merger of CERAM Business School and ESC Lille School of Management. This unique educational project strives to offer the first business school that will adequately train the decision-makers of the new world, a world that is more responsible, more ethical, more interconnected, and more multipolar; the world of the knowledge economy. UF graduate business students will study in Sophia Antipolis, approximately 25 miles southwest of Nice, in the European Silicon Valley. This ideal location provides students with exposure to the European, Latin, and Mediterranean cultures. SKEMA Business School is a leading French school of Management and Technology that provides a relaxed atmosphere for students, faculty, and administration. The school offers a wide range of degree programs in the areas of engineering, humanities, business, tourism, management, and political science. SKEMA’S mission is to be an international player on the global market of advanced management training courses. The school wishes to contribute significantly to entrepreneurship and innovation in an economy based on learning and knowledge. Sophia Antipolis is located in the French Riviera, which is a perfect environment for enjoying beautiful weather and an abundance of travel opportunities.

The City

Sophia Antipolis is in the heart of the Mediterranean, located between Nice and Cannes. It is actually a Technology Park/Community that has been a work in progress since the late 1960’s. Sophia Antipolis is home to educational institutions, research facilities, housing, recreational amenities and some of Europe’s leading technology companies. Some of the more prestigious international companies include IBM and L’Oreal. The development plan of 1974 provided for Sophia Antipolis’ 5600 acres to be divided into protected green spaces, business zones, and recreational areas. Two thirds of the land has been set aside to remain undeveloped green space. Even though there are many housing facilities, about 70% of the residents work outside of the park. With such a free flow of people, visitors have many opportunities to experience diverse cultures.

Term Dates

Fall: Early September – mid-December
Spring: Early January – early May

Courses Available

The following Master of Science programs are available: International Finance, International Business, Strategic Tourism Management, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, International Marketing and Business Development, and Information Systems Management. Certain courses have pre-requisites and are not introductory. More Master’s course options are available for students fluent in French and able to take courses in French.


90% of all classes are taught in English.

Grade Conversion

SKEMA points fromSKEMA points toUF grade assigned

Credit Conversion

Same as UF.

Minimum Credit Requirements

None known.

Estimated Costs

Students will need to budget approximately $1000 – $1250 per month for housing, meals, entertainment and local transportation. Students will pay regular tuition fees to UF.




There are housing facilities in Sophia Antipolis across from SKEMA. In addition, there are apartments in nearby Antibes for either one or two student occupancy. Students must take a bus from Antibes to SKEMA that costs approximately $14.50 per month. Housing costs can range from $300 to $550 per month, depending upon time of year, duration of rental agreement, and how many tenants there are per apartment. Apartments are close to shops, supermarkets, and nightspots (all of which allow for plenty to do on nights and weekends). The studios are furnished with kitchens (which allow students to cook any of their meals). However, for lunch, students can eat in the cafeterias at SKEMA.

Travel Opportunities

The Côte d’Azur region of France offers a wide variety of touring opportunities. It is home to some of the most famous cities in the French Riviera: Nice, Cannes, and Antibes. Students may visit Cathédrale Sainte Réparate in Nice; a remarkable cathedral built on the original location of Greek and Roman temples. Another noteworthy landmark, Musée Matisse, exhibits paintings, drawings, sketches and bronze sculptures from every time period. Sophia Antipolis is only a one-hour drive from Monaco and Italy. The Nice International Airport is only 20 minutes away from where students can fly to any major cities in Europe. All capitals are within a two-hour flight time.