Flag of Germany

Exchange Program: EBS Business School

Oestrich-Winkel, Germany

Offered summer sessions:

  • MBA session
    • BASIC May 6 to 17, 2019 – Oestrich-Winkel
    • PLUS May 21 to 24, 2019 – Berlin (maximum 35 participants)
  • BSc & MSc session
    • June 11 to 28, 2019 – Oestrich-Winkel (maximum 50 participants)

Who may apply?

We accept students from all universities, may they be partnered with EBS Business School or not.

EBS partner universities with exchange agreement: Students coming from universities with an exchange agreement with EBS will be charged the applicable service fee only (*nomination required).

EBS partner universities no exchange included: Students coming from partner universities but not eligible to participate under the exchange agreement will be charged a reduced tuition plus the applicable service fee. Please ask for the reduced tuition (*nomination required).

Non partnered universities: Students coming from universities without an exchange agreement with EBS will be charged the full tuition plus the applicable service fee (*no nomination required).

Who is eligible?

MBA session: MBA students with work experience

BSC & MSc session: BSc students from their 4th semester up and MSc students any semester

Nomination procedures

EBS partner universities with exchange agreement: Students must be nominated by their home university to participate under the exchange agreement, thus paying the service fee only and being included in the exchange balance.

EBS partner universities no exchange included: Students must be nominated by their home university to qualify for the reduced tuition.

Non partnered universities: No nomination required.

Nomination deadlines

There is no nomination deadline. Students may be nominated at any time. The important information is that no student who would like to participate under the exchange agreement will be accepted into the programme without the nomination (only partner universities).

However, there are application deadlines for the students.

Application deadlines

MBA session (no matter if basic or plus – service fee applies to all):

  • Early application deadline: until February 25, 2019 – service fee €400
  • Regular application deadline: until March 25, 2019 – service fee €500
  • Last minute application deadline: until April 22, 2019 – service fee €600

BSc & MSc session:

  • Early application deadline: until April 1, 2019 – service fee €400
  • Regular application deadline: until April 29, 2019 – service fee €500
  • Last minute application deadline: until May 27, 2019 – service fee €600

Service fee


  • All lectures including course material & supplies
  • Corporate visits and presentations
  • Transportation to organized events & entrance fees
  • An optional beginner’s German “Survival Crash Course” (5 hours) -Certificate for credit transfer
  • Organized social activities (including welcome/farewell dinner and a wine tasting)
  • Individual support from programme management & assistance in finding accommodation
  • Free coffee and tea during lectures
  • Welcome backpack with writing pad, pen, city maps, emergency phone numbers, schedule of local events, shop opening times, etc
  • Free access to campus library

Not included:

  • Private travel / local travel to and from university
  • Accommodation
  • Meals and drinks (except welcome cocktail and farewell BBQ), lunch menus at the campus cafeteria cost €5,00 & there are several grocery stores, plenty of restaurants & to-go places in the area
  • Private expenses


Reduced tuition: for students from partner universities upon request

Regular tuition:

  • MBA session: €4.000,00
  • BSc & MSc session: €3.000,00

Application procedures

Applications are accepted starting January 2, 2019. Find the online application.

Application procedure in 4 steps:

  1. Create a user account. Login data will be sent to your email account.
  2. Log in to your account and start the application process by choosing the programme.
  3. The programme to choose is Business Summer. The choice of session (MBA or BSc & MSc) will appear later.
  4. Follow the steps through until the end.

Visa and Immigration

Due to the short duration, the summer sessions are not considered a study trip or semester abroad and students may enter Germany simply as tourists, as long as they don’t extend their stay over 3 months.

As in the BSc & MSc session in June we will be visiting Strasbourg in France, students need to apply for a Schengen visa to be able to travel within Europe. To apply for a Schengen visa students usually need an acceptance letter and a proof of accommodation, which is either a rental contract or a hotel booking confirmation. Usually the authorities accept a print out of the documents. Should they require the original documents then the student is charged a €50 courier fee from EBS side. If in doubt, they should check on the website of the official authorities. Or contact the nearest German embassy or consulate in their home country in this matter. Also, the Programme Management at EBS can offer general advice.

Find a list of countries that belong to the Schengen area member states.


We do not offer on-campus housing. EBS Housing Office will contact all students after admissions to offer available and suitable flats and provide assistance to individually search for accommodation.

Short term accommodation in the month of May (MBA session BASIC) is hard to find in Oestrich-Winkel. We recommend hotels in Wiesbaden or finding flats through Airbnb or similar websites. For the PLUS week in Berlin EBS Programme Management organizes and manages hotel accommodation at special conditions.

Short term accommodation in Oestrich-Winkel the month of June (BSc & MSc session) will be found for all BSc & MSc session participants, as the semester students do not have lectures anymore and availability is good.

This service offered from our housing department is on a “first come first serve basis”. Students receive emails with information and housing and may choose an accommodation out of the offering after admission into the respective programme. Booking can be done with the EBS housing coordinator.

Approximate Living Costs for 3 weeks (in local currency):

  • Accommodation: starting at €450
  • Food: +/- €300
  • Transportation:
  • Bus ticket within Oestrich-Winkel approx. €45,00
  • Bus/train ticket between Oestrich-Winkel & Wiesbaden approx. €120,00
  • Classroom materials: included in the service fee
  • Total: from €750 – €1000

Health Insurance

By law, all students must have sufficient health cover for their stay in Germany.

EU-students are normally sufficiently covered by their national insurance plan.

Non-EU-students A travel health insurance is recommended.
Please be aware that with most insurances the fees when using the hospital or doctor services have to be advanced.

Course Information

  • Class format: lectures, cases and group work
  • Grading: presentations and written exam
  • Attendance and participation: all lectures and related field trips mandatory
  • Language of instruction: 100% English


As our Business Summers are very intensive programmes, preparation for some lectures is essential. Some material will be delivered via email already roughly 1 week before start of the programme. Some material will be handed out within the programme period and students are expected to treat this with priority.

Group Work

Some of the courses will require students to complete group work. Programme Management aims to mix and match students newly for each assignment to ensure a challenge in working with different nationalities, characters and approaches. In most cases it also requires for the students to meet in the evenings to work on their assignments.


In both sessions, there are lectures where students earn points already for the final grade during the lecture – attendance to all lectures is mandatory. We have one exam in week 2 and one exam in week 3. If a student is sick on the exam day, we need a sick leave signed from a doctor. There are no re-sits for exams at the Business Summers. In case a student misses the exam, there is the possibility to hand in a paper afterwards, upon the discretion of the academic director.

Certificates / Transcripts

As soon as all grades are available, for the MBA session in June, for the BSc & MSc session in August, a certificate stating the grade and the earned ECTS credits for each student will be sent to the International Office of the home institution.


  • MBA session BASIC (2 weeks): 7 ECTS credits
  • MBA session BASIC & PLUS (3 weeks): 10 ECTS credits
  • BSc & MSc session (3 weeks): 10 ECTS credits

Special note: The MBA session consists of 2 parts: the BASIC in Oestrich-Winkel and the PLUS in Berlin. The PLUS week may not be booked separately as an independent unit. The bookable options are:

  1. MBA BASIC in Oestrich-Winkel or
  2. MBA BASIC in Oestrich-Winkel & MBA PLUS in Berlin

Grading table

Letter GradePercentagePass or Fail
A+0.970 – 1.000Pass
A0.930 – 0.969Pass
A- 0.900 – 0.929Pass
B+0.800 – 0.899Pass
B0.700 – 0.799Pass
B-0.600 – 0.699Pass
C+0.590 – 0.599Pass
C0.560 – 0.589Pass
C- 0.550 – 0.559Pass
D+0.540 – 0.549Pass
D0.510 – 0.539Pass
D-0.500 – 0.509Pass