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Exchange Program: EADA Business School

Barcelona, Spain

EADA, founded in 1957, was one of the first Spanish institutions to offer executive training programmes to the business community. For more than 60 years, close to 160000 participants from over 50 different countries have entrusted their training to us, a fact that highlights EADA as one of the most innovative and prestigious business schools in Spain.

EADA is the only management institution in Spain with its own residential training centre. This is a vital tool in the EADA methodology as participants attend a series of professional development modules during the year where outdoor training is noted for the development of leadership and teambuilding skills.

EADA has been awarded the AMBA and EQUIS accreditations, which recognise the quality of its masters and MBA programmes. Currently these accreditations are only held by four business schools in Spain and by a selected group of the world’s most prestigious business schools. EADA is also a member of the Executive MBA Council.

A plural and active methodology with a focus on practice

EADA has developed its own pedagogical method, which is based on active learning on the side of participants: “learning by doing” as opposed to “learning by listening”. We believe that professional development demands effort, participation, reflection and common sense. Participants need to be the protagonists of their own learning process and the institution must guide and tutor this process.

Campus Barcelona

This is the main headquarters located in Aragó Street 204 in downtown Barcelona. This 8- storey building is specially designed to offer you high quality training and services. Its unbeatable location makes it easy to get to by public and private transport. The majority of classes will be held in this campus.

Campus Collbató

This Residential Training Centre is located 40 km from the city of Barcelona in the town of Collbató: Set within unrivalled natural surroundings, facing the Montserrat Mountains, space and time acquire a different dimension which promotes intensive training and manager development. This complex offers hotel facilities (100 rooms) plus a cafeteria-restaurant.

Term Dates

Fall 2022

  • International MBA: September 29- December 22
  • Masters: October 3 – December 22

Winter 2023

  • International MBA: January 9 – April 28
  • Masters: January 9 – March 31

Spring 2023

  • Masters: April 11 – June 30 (Master in Marketing does not accept exchange students in the 3rd term)
  • Master in Management: April 11 – 28 July

Programmes and admission requirements

Participant’s profile/admission:

  • Average age: 24 years
  • Working experience: welcome but not required, maximum 3 years
  • Educational requirements: university degree
  • Places available: maximum 2 exchange students per master programme

  • Average age: 29 years
  • Working experience: 3 years minimum, 5.5 years average
  • Educational requirements: university degree
  • Places available: maximum 1 exchange students per MBA programme

Courses Information


Dedication for all programmes is full time. Running from Monday to Friday from 9 to 12pm and 1 to 4pm our master programmes, except our MBA from 1 to 4pm.


In order to guarantee a good integration of the exchange participants as well as a correct team working methodology, once enrolled in a specific programme all courses offered during the exchange term are mandatory. Exchange students are not allowed to mix and/or match courses from different programmes.

Please note: It is the home institution and the exchange student responsibility to make sure in advance that the EADA courses will be validated by the home school. The syllabus of each programme is available on request.

ECTS credits

Master programmes:

  • Fall term: 14-16 ECTS, depending on the master
  • Winter term: 15-17 ECTS, depending on the master
  • Spring term: 12-15 ECTS, depending on the master

MBA programmes:

  • Fall term: 17 ECTS
  • Winter term: 27 ECTS

Class format

Case study, lectures, workshops, role plays and outdoor activities. All programmes include a number of modules in our Residential Training Centre (Campus Collbató): 2-day modules for Master programmes and 3-day modules for MBA programmes.

Class size

15 to 25 participants

Grading system

9 to 10 Exceptional;

8 to 8.9 Excellent;

7 to 7.9 Very Good;

6 to 6.9 Good;

5 to 5.9 Simple Pass

Application procedure

Step 1. Partner institutions send their nominations via the EADA Nomination link

Step 2. Nominated students receive an email from EADA attaching the application form and stating the specific documents required for the application:

  1. One/Two Term Exchange Students
    • Application form
    • Copy of passport or EU identification
    • CV
    • Master/MBA transcripts from the partner institution
    • A letter from home institution stating their sufficiency in English
    • Interview with the programme director if necessary
  2. Double Degree Exchange Students
    • Application form
    • Copy of university degree
    • Master/MBA transcripts from the partner institution
    • A recommendation letter
    • Copy of passport or EU identification
    • Letter of motivation (500 words)
    • CV
    • Results of the GMAT (minimum 650) or EADA ́s test. Our GMAT school code is 7024
    • Non-native English speakers: Results of the TOEFL IBT (minimum 100), IELTS (minimum 7). Our TOEFL school code is 7024
    • Interview with the programme director if necessary

Step 3. Students email the application form and the documents required. Please note there is a deadline for submitting the application

Step 4. The programme directors will evaluate the applications received and we will get back to applicants as soon as possible. If you are admitted, you will receive a letter of acceptance and further information on the exchange.

Application Deadlines

  • Fall 2022: May 9th, 2022
  • Winter 2022: September 16th, 2022
  • Spring 2023: January 16th, 2023

Career Service

The Career service is only available for our Double Degree students, who will have access to the following specific services:

  • EADA Jobsite: When you join EADA you automatically belong to the Alumni
    community, and therefore have access to the EADA Jobsite. Please enter in
    Virtual Campus, go to Career Services and click on the Job Site.
  • Online resources & jobsites: Vault Online Career Library, Going Global- International Careers, First-hand Webinars, 10 Minutes With, EFMD Global Talent Portal.
  • Training sessions: Within your programme at EADA, you are encouraged to attend a variety of career guidance sessions such as interviews, salary negotiation, etc. Please make sure you attend events you register for.

Housing in Barcelona

Please note that EADA does not offer on-campus accommodation. For further information about accommodation, healthcare, student visa procedures, mobile phones, please feel free to email Studentfy.

Approximate Living Expenses:

  • Accommodation: 450-900€ for a room in a shared apartment
  • Food: 250-450€
  • Other expenses 250-450€
  • Utilities: 100-200€
  • Transport: 60-70€
  • Total monthly budget: 1,110€-2,070€

Health Insurance

The Spanish public healthcare system does not cover international students from inside or outside the EU. Exceptions may exist, but it is the responsibility of the participant to investigate these.

EADA kindly suggests that the participants discuss further information on healthcare coverage in another country with the public or private healthcare system he/she is insured at home, as well as with the Spanish embassy.

In any case, EADA strongly recommends investing in a private insurance plan before coming to Barcelona.

EADA's accident insurance

All participants enrolled in the school are covered by EADA’s insurance policy. Students are covered for any accidents that occur on the EADA premises as well as those that occur while in transit to or from the school. EADA’s health care can be found at:

FIATC: Emergency centre or phone: 902 182 182