Flag of Thailand

Exchange Program: Chulalongkorn University

Bangkok, Thailand

Chulalongkorn University, or “Chula” is the oldest and one of the most prestigious universities in Thailand. Founded in 1917 by King Vajiravudh (Rama VI), the university was named as a tribute to the king’s royal father, King Chulalongkorn (Rama V). Today, Chula has 18 faculties, a graduate school, 11 research institutes, 3 teaching institutes, and 4 affiliated institutions with more than 2,800 faculty members. The Chulalongkorn University campus covers 500 acres in the heart of Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. The campus is within reach of the major business and financial district, as well as various other facilities.

The School

Chula is widely considered the best university in Thailand. It is recognized as both a top research institution and a provider of a valid education relevant to real world job preparation. The Faculty of Commerce and Accountancy encourages English language learning and study abroad for its students and the academic rigor is high. It is the country’s first and oldest business school and the University is located in a prime part of Bangkok, adjacent to Lumphini Park and very near the world famous night market.

The City

Bangkok is a large and bustling city that contains nearly half the population of Thailand. The cost of living is inexpensive and it is easy to get around the city by train, bus or taxi (although there will be communication problems if you don’t speak Thai!!). The people are welcoming to foreigners and you are never at a loss for a temple in which you can pray to Buddha as they are scattered all over the city, sometimes up to three in a square mile. The weather is very hot and humid, but females should still observe a more modest dress code than the males. Females are not permitted to enter the temples in shorts or high skirts, and everyone must remove shoes to enter. Even though there are many tourists in Bangkok, it still has a very “foreign” and exotic feel, especially for those who have not traveled much in Asia.

Term Dates

Fall Semester: Mid-August to Mid-December
Spring Semester: Mid-January to Mid-May

It is recommended to go in January for orientations and selection of the student “nation”. Housing is a problem for short-term studies (1 study period) and can add much cost; so a full semester is recommended.

Courses Available

Students take courses from the Master of Management-International Business (MM) program. There are only 3-5 courses in English from which to choose each semester.


Very little English is spoken in Bangkok. The MM program is fully taught in English, but around the school much is in Thai and students new to foreign travel would struggle here and find the environment too challenging. This program is only recommended for students who have traveled extensively.

Grade Conversion

Grading is equivalent to the U.S. system, with A being the highest grade and F being the lowest grade.

Credit Conversion

Courses taken are from the Master of Management: International Business program. They are 3 credits each and = 3 UF credits.

Minimum Credit Requirements

Minimum 2 courses (equivalent to 6 UF credits) per semester.

Estimated Costs

$700 per month (housing, food, etc.). Airfare is the biggest sum cost.




Nice apartments are very cheap in Bangkok. Students must arrive in Bangkok and stay in a hostel or hotel for a few nights and while searching for housing. The exchange coordinator will recommend locations and services. Students can typically afford to get a housekeeper and a very nice furnished apartment on the river, if desired.

Travel Opportunities

The Saen Saep canal runs through downtown Bangkok and has a boat service, with as many as 30 stops. Bangkok is known for terrible traffic, but has an expressway, several highways, an elevated Skytrain metro system and a subway system. Trains connect Bangkok to Malaysia, Chiang Mai, and Nong Khai and all cities and provinces are easily reached by bus. Don Mueang International Airport is an important transport hub, with over 90 airlines. It is very easy to travel by air to many of the seventy-six provinces in Thailand. Thailand is in the heart of Southeast Asia and therefore a convenient gateway to Indochina, Myanmar, Cambodia and Southern China. Internal air travel is cheap, easy, and quite efficient. The BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) Office will also arrange off-campus field trips.