Consider Using Your Webcam for Assignment Feedback

Are you tired of the typing and handwriting that typically goes into providing feedback on students’ assignments? Could Video Feedback Replace the Red Pen? argues that instructors should consider video-based feedback rather than the text-based variety. Instead of providing written or typed comments, the instructor featured in this article extemporaneously records critiques using his computer’s [...]

Using iPad Apps to Create Video Content

So you’ve been using your iPad to respond to student emails. Maybe you’ve even downloaded the Canvas Teacher app, so you can respond to discussion board comments and grade assignments while sitting in the Warrington courtyard or waiting for a flight at the airport. However, did you know you can also use your iPad to [...]

Online, On-Ground, or Hybrid? Online Conferencing Offers Multiple Benefits

Have you heard about online conferencing tools—such as Adobe Connect, BigBlueButton, Google Drive and Hangouts, and Skype—but aren’t sure if they’re worth incorporating for your class? As two articles make clear, whether your students are online, in the classroom, or both, online conferencing can offer a variety of benefits. A recent article, “Why I Love [...]

Why Facebook Groups? Or, Should the Real Question Be: Why Not?

According to a recent study, undergraduates were found to use smartphones and other devices for non-class-related purposes an average of 11 times a day. As social media can often be the inspiration for students’ errant in-class clicking, instructors have long been wary of including use of such sites for classes. However, “Experimenting with Facebook in [...]

Thoughts on Mobile Learning

Attendees at Abilene Christian University’s Connected Summit 2011 share their thoughts and perspectives on where we are headed with mobile learning: