Empowering Your Students

What’s an Empowered Student? asks instructors to consider not only why student empowerment matters, but also how it can be achieved through the dimensions of meaningfulness, competence, impact, and choice. Meaningfulness, or how well a course aligns to students’ “beliefs, ideals, and standards,” motivates students to “work hard and produce quality work.” The dimension of [...]

Flipping Not Just for Classrooms

Updated on November 7, 2014 As the post below details, flipping your class can offer a multitude of benefits. However, much of what is written on flipping focuses on the face-to-face classroom. And while flipping classroom courses can offer significant benefits, flipped strategies can have a positive impact on online classes, as well. Can You [...]

Flipped Your Classroom Yet?

Heard about flipping the classroom, but are unsure what that entails and want to learn more? A blog post by a DePaul mathematics professor provides a great place to start. As the post outlines, flipping the classroom means replacing classroom lectures and homework with short videos and in-class activities. This approach allows students to watch [...]

Strategies for Implementing Active Learning

The University of Minnesota has a well-developed resource on Active Learning. You can find specific strategies including ice breaker activities, team and pair tasks, and individual tasks for changing the focus of learning from an instructor-focused environment to an environment that turns more of the responsibility of learning to the students. You can explore the [...]

Warrington Active Learning Studio

Classrooms that are student-centered rather than instructor-centered encourage students to actively engage in the material being taught instead of passively listening and taking notes. This type of learning environment requires students to be prepared for class, as they will need to actively participate and comment in discussion. Active learning encourages students to view peers and [...]