Ph.D. Students

Four Ph.D. students
  • Arunima Chhikara
    Arunima Chhikara

    4th Year Student
    Stuzin 355C
    352.392.5620 | Email Arunima

    Bio: Arunima holds a Masters in Manufacturing Systems Engineering from North Carolina State University with a Minor in Industrial Engineering and Business Management. During her Masters, she worked as a Research Assistant with GKN Driveline in supply chain and purchasing departments. Before joining her Masters, she worked for four years as an Assistant Manager, Supply Chain Management at Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. Her current research interests lie broadly in green supply chain management, sustainability, risk management, and supply chain disruptions.

  • Anurag Garg
    Anurag Garg

    3rd Year Student
    Stuzin 361E
    352.392.6298 | Email Anurag

    Bio: Anurag earned his B.E. in Electronics and Communications Engineering from Panjab University and M.S. in Computer Engineering from North Carolina State University. Prior to that, he worked for Tata Consultancy Services, India with clients varying from banking to transportation verticals. His current research interests include Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Internet of Things, and Economics of Information Systems.

  • Avinash Geda
    Avinash Geda

    5th Year Student
    Stuzin 361B
    352.392.6298 | Email Avinash | Avinash’s Website

    Bio: Avinash started with the PhD program in ISOM in Fall 2014. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from the National Institute of Technology, Warangal, and a Master’s in Civil Engineering (Transportation) from the University of Florida. Broadly, his research interests lie in Sustainable Operations Management and IS/OM interface.

  • Honggang Hu
    Honggang Hu

    2nd Year Student
    Stuzin 361E
    352.392.6298 | Email Honggang

    Bio: Honggang Hu holds a B.Sc. in Mathematics from Shanghai University and a M.S. in Computational Operations Research from College of William & Mary. Prior to entering the doctoral program, he worked as a research assistant in AidData and as a graduate teaching assistant at W&M. His current research interests lie broadly in Applied Probability Models, Simulation, Supply Chain Optimization and Machine Learning.

  • Hongseok Jang
    Hongseok Jang

    3rd Year Student
    Stuzin 355F
    352.392.5620 | Email Hongseok

    Bio: Hongseok holds a M.S. in Industrial and Management Engineering from Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH); a B.S. in Electrical & Computer Engineering and a B.B.A. from University of Seoul. During his masters, he worked as a research assistant in the Technology Management lab. His research interests lie broadly in Sustainable Supply Chain Management, Disruption Risk Management, and Technology Management.

  • Youhyun Lee
    Youhyun Lee

    1st Year Student
    Stuzin 355A

    Bio: Youhyun’s fields of interest include Big data analysis, machine learning, econometrics, Industrial organization and treatment effects. Regarding her future research, She has a wide range of interest from analytical modeling to data analytics and econometrics theories. She wants to analyze business-related big data in the context of economics, specifically IO. Her master’s thesis, which was presented at two big economics conferences, also employed machine learning algorithms to analyze treatment effects. She started her doctor’s program since 2018. Before that, she had worked as a research assistant of Korea Institute of Finance, learning the attitude which is required when analyzing data. She got her master’s degree of Economics from Yonsei University and Bachelor’s degree from Myongji University.

  • Mariia Petryk
    Mariia Petryk

    2nd Year Student
    Stuzin 355B
    352.392.5620 | Email Mariia

    Bio: Mariia joined the PhD program in 2017. She holds a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Economic Cybernetics from Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. Before joining the program, she worked as a Customer Data Analyst at Vodafone (Ukraine) and AnchorFree (US). Her current research interests span across Machine Learning, Data Science, and Information Economics.

  • Jingchuan Pu
    Jingchuan Pu

    5th Year Student
    Stuzin 355B
    352.392.5620 | Email Jingchuan | Jingchuan’s Website

    Bio: Jingchuan Pu holds a M.A. in Management Information Systems from the Harbin Institute of Technology. Prior to entering the doctoral program, he worked as a data analyst intern at the Agriculture Development Bank of China. His current research focuses on the economics of information systems, including the user-generated content, channel contracting and pricing, and prediction market. His research methodologies include econometrics analyses, machine learning, and analytical modeling.

  • Maxim Terekhov
    Maxim Terekhov

    1st Year Student
    Stuzin 355 A

    Bio: Maxim holds a Master of Science in Statistics and a Master of Business Administration degrees. Max comes to the doctoral program with years of research and analytics experience in the fields of finance and asset management, federal contracting, and healthcare. His research interests span across enterprise information, security, decision support systems and include data science and machine learning.

  • Xiang (Shawn) Wan
    Xiang (Shawn) Wan

    2nd Year Student
    Stuzin 361F
    352.392.6298 | Email Xiang

    Bio: Xiang (Shawn) holds a M.S. in Management Science & Engineering from Renmin University of China and a B.S. in Engineering Management from Wuhan University. His current research interests include Economics of Information Systems, Healthcare Analytics, Supply Chain Analytics, Data Analytics Capabilities, and Social Media Analytics.

  • Yuan (Lucy) Zhang
    Yuan (Lucy) Zhang

    2nd Year Student
    Stuzin 355F
    352.392.5620 | Email Yuan

    Bio: Yuan (Lucy) holds a Bachelor of Science in Business degree from University of Minnesota – Carlson School of Management. Prior to joining the doctoral program, she worked at LinkedIn and China’s largest media company as a Business Intelligence Manager. Her current research interests include Recommendation System Networks, Data Analytics, Electronic commerce and Social Networks.