The Master of Science in Information Systems and Operations Management program with a concentration in business analytics trains students to become translators of business functional needs into analytics processes and analyses.

Students will learn how to combine their functional business knowledge with analytics skills to meet the growing needs of analytics teams at companies around the world.

The program is currently offered on campus and will also be offered fully online in Fall 2023.

Program Highlights

  • Average Age: 23
  • Average Experience: 1 yr
  • Average GMAT: 608
  • Average GRE: 311
  • Average GPA: 3.4

STEM Accredited

Our STEM-accredited program provides intensive preparation to make sure our graduates are ready to help companies use this data to their advantage. And the numbers prove it. With a class of 2022 placement rate of 93 percent, the entrance to Hough Hall is often filled with recruiters from consulting firms, government agencies, industry firms, and others trying to find the next standout employee from our program’s population.

Learn AI from the Experts

Across all disciplines, the last decade of business has been transformed by the availability of data in financial services, manufacturing, retail and many other industries, and the faculty at Warrington have been at the forefront of this transformation. With 40+ Warrington faculty maintaining research and teaching interests in AI and analytics, students are guaranteed to learn from difference makers in the industry.

Graduates in Demand

Graduates of our program leave with skills that are in high demand. Students gain the necessary skills to become a consultant, data analyst, data scientist, e-commerce analyst, global operations specialist and many more.

The demand for these positions continues to increase. As management executives see the value of analytics principles, it makes graduates from our program more valuable to their companies and opens doors for future opportunities. But it’s not just about providing the skills. Through rigorous preparation, our programs develop confidence in students that they can thrive in their desired industry.