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In the Master’s in Business Analytics program, you’ll immerse yourself in the business world through a capstone project that tackles a company’s real-world data analytics issues.

Working with company leaders, you’ll create solutions that mirror the intricacies of the business environment.

You’ll have access to the HiPerGator, one of the world’s fastest supercomputers that is advancing research, analytics and training future generations in AI.

This unique experience will prepare you for success beyond the classroom.

The Business Analytics Degree Prepares You To:

  • Make business decisions based on true-to-life data
  • Become an expert in AI and machine learning
  • Earn a standout-career in data analytics

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Discover your potential with our curriculum. Immerse yourself in an enriching classroom experience that strengthens your growth as a leader in business analytics.

Core Courses

  • Advanced Business Systems Design & Development I: Learn object-oriented analysis and model specification for business software systems.
  • Business Database Systems I: Find out about the fundamentals of data storage and retrieval models for business applications.
  • Statistical Analysis for Managerial Decisions: Gain knowledge on data-application techniques for managerial problems and challenges that arise in applying techniques and interpreting results.
  • Professional Writing: Strengthen your knowledge on written structure of executive summaries, mission statements, marketing and SWOT analyses, and marketing and business plans.
  • Professional Communications: Learn the balance between descriptive information and application of organizational communication theories and techniques for business and professional speaking.
  • Financial Accounting: An introduction for prospective managers with an emphasis on financial reporting and analysis.
  • Problems & Methods in Marketing Management: Gain knowledge on concepts and techniques for resolving marketing management problems through the case method.
  • Intro to Business Intelligence: Find out how to master emerging business intelligence technologies like data warehousing, online analytics processing, data mining and text mining.
  • Intro to Python: Students learn about Python as a tool to create business analytics and visualization applications.
  • Analytics Processes for Business Bootcamp: This course prepares students to use comprehensive business analytics tools effectively within a standard analytics process framework.
  • Analytics Project Practicum: Students work directly with a real company to solve their real-world challenges.
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Elective Courses

  • Managerial Accounting: This is an introduction for prospective managers with a primary emphasis on management control systems.
  • Organizational Staffing: This focuses on personnel selection, foundations of job analysis, measurement, and selection techniques. Students will assess individual contributions to organizational effectiveness.
  • Corporate Finance I: This class focuses on analysis of business financing and investing decisions.
  • Human Capital Analytics: This class covers statistical concepts, strategies, and examples for analyzing people-related data.
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  • Marketing Analytics I: This class shows students how to properly analyze data and help them better understand the marketplace.
  • Data Mining for Business Intelligence: Students will understand the basics of how data analytics can be applied to interact effectively with CTOs, expert data miners and business analysts.
  • Business Data Presentation and Visualization: Students will understand the key data visualization principles and techniques, and apply them to real-world business problems.
  • Data Analysis and Skills: Students are introduced to archival research, focusing on introducing the most commonly used datasets and how to analyze them.
  • Marketing Analytics II: This course is designed to engage students in the marketing analytics activities that support marketing decision making using machine learning.
  • Managerial Quantitative Analysis: This class surveys deterministic models for managerial decision making and emphasizes mathematical programming.
  • Artificial Intelligence Methods: This course engages students building artificial intelligence (AI) models for business using modern tools.
  • Web Crawling & Text Analysis: Students will learn how to automatically retrieve data web pages and data from the internet to perform natural language processing techniques.

More on the Master’s in Business Analytics Capstone Project, or Practicum

How it Works

  1. You’ll work with a project sponsor, many of which are leading institutions in the business world.
  2. You’ll problem solve to address the business’s ask as though you were an external consultant.
  3. You’ll be arranged in teams, assuming the role of Data Scientist, Data Engineer, Modeler, Data Analyst or Subject Matter Expert.
  4. You’ll work to prepare data, cleanse data and use it for modeling. The best model is then chosen and presented before the business.


Perhaps most unique are the weekly working sessions with the business where you’ll meet to discuss project progress, as though you were a true consultant.

In addition, you’ll undergo coaching where college lecturers will guide you on how to best prepare the project for presentation before the business. You’ll learn to present the project’s often technical process in lay terms.

In on-campus formats, you’ll be broken up into multiple teams with multiple businesses. In the online format, you’ll work with the same business. You and your team will compete to present against other student groups. During the practicum’s final stage, the best project is put forward.

Past project sponsors have included the following noteworthy companies:

Bank of America
City Furniture
Tampa Electric Company


Learn from Leaders in Business Analytics

Dean Saby Mitra: Creating the Workforce of the Future with AI and Analytics

Faculty Spotlight

In the classroom, you’ll have access to premier leaders in the world of business analytics.

Your home for growth

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At the University of Florida and Warrington College of Business, students are primed for success. With strong rankings that place UF amongst the top schools in the nation, students graduate with the skills and knowledge needed to establish themselves as leaders in the industry. Our students break the mold.


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Joining the UF Warrington College of Business guarantees more than just academic excellence – the experience fosters friendships, networking opportunities and experiences outside the classroom. Here’s what you can expect as a student:

  • Meet likeminded peers and build a network through one of UF’s 1,000+ student organizations, like the Association for Information Systems.
  • Discover opportunities to connect with top recruiters from globally renowned companies on the Warrington campus.
  • Experience top-notch athletics at UF, consistently ranked as one of the best athletic departments in the country.
  • Enjoy nature in Gainesville, where eight state parks and over 100 miles of biking and hiking trails await you.
Sedef Ece Akansel

Hear from a recent graduate

I gained a profound understanding of analytical tools and techniques, equipping me with the skills to thrive in the business analytics field. The dynamic and accelerated pace compelled me to adapt swiftly to technological advancements and learn data analytical tools. This not only enhanced my agility in navigating the ever-evolving landscape of data analytics but also equipped me to quickly grasp and implement cutting-edge technologies in real-world scenarios.

Sedef Ece Akansel (2022 graduate)
Senior Data Analyst, Universal Orlando Resort

The next application deadline is July 1