Southeast corner of Stuzin Hall

The International Business Center has four major objectives in seeking funding and developing programs to fulfill its mission and to benefit the Warrington College of Business and the University of Florida. These objectives are:

  • Support programs to bring business executives with global responsibilities to campus where they will present seminars and work with graduate business students in order to expand global awareness and to create an interest in working abroad.
  • Promote participation by Hough Graduate School of Business students in international case competitions in order to increase the visibility of the graduate business programs and to give students experience in confronting real-world business problems.
  • Develop outreach activities with the North Central Florida business community that capitalize on the expertise about the global business environment gained by students during their educational programs to assist companies in evaluating and capitalizing on international market opportunities.
  • Develop opportunities for UF faculty, staff and students to conduct research in other countries related to the global dimension of their field.

Mission Statement

The International Business Center seeks to expand knowledge of and appreciation for the global business environment by faculty and students of the Warrington College of Business and the broader University of Florida through interactions with foreign students and faculty members, research on the international dimensions of the various functional areas, and opportunities to travel and work abroad.