GSIF students working in the Capital Markets Lab

Our applications for the Spring 2024 semester are closed.

Applications for the Gator Student Investment Fund are opened at the beginning of each academic semester. Applicants in their first or second year of study are generally preferred. While most members are Finance, Accounting, and Economics majors with an interest in the Master of Science in Finance (MSF) program, students from all disciplines are welcome to apply.

We are now accepting applications for the Spring 2024 semester. GSIF provides students an opportunity to apply academic finance concepts to real-world investing by managing an approximately one-million-dollar portion of the University of Florida endowment fund. Selected students will be placed into industry-focused research teams to identify and pitch undervalued equities with support from strong internal and external networks of finance professionals.

To submit an application, please follow the three-step process below:

1) Attend the Information Session and Stock Pitch Session

At the beginning of each semester, the fund holds an information session where additional detail is provided on the organization’s structure, investment philosophy, and application process. This will also give prospective applicants the opportunity to meet the fund’s leadership team (Portfolio Managers). Although attendance isn’t required, it is recommended.

Additionally, we recommend student’s register for the stock pitch session to give an overview on expectations and how to pitch a stock.

2) Submit Your Application and Stock Pitch

To apply to GSIF, click the button above to submit background information, a resume, and a stock pitch. The pitch is the most critical element of your application as it demonstrates creativity, analytical ability, and interest in the stock market and long-term investing.

Pitch Criteria:

  1. Long-term value-oriented investment
  2. Public US Equity with a market-cap greater than $200 million (ADRs are allowed)
  3. Pitch length of 2-3 page PDF (pitches longer than 3 pages will not be reviewed)
  4. Supporting quantitative analysis through Excel is welcome – submit via email (not required)

Pitches that focus on an original thesis that highlights a difference from the broader market view are recommended. Discuss why the stock is undervalued and what factors will prompt the stock to rise to its “fair value.” Please focus on the qualitative story of the investment thesis backed by thoughtful supporting research and logic rather than model calculations.

To stand out as an applicant, please refrain from pitching mega-caps (e.g., Apple, Tesla, etc.) or equities that lack significant historical financial data as it is difficult to develop and defend a viewpoint that is differentiated from the market.

If you encounter any technical issues in the submission of your application, please don’t hesitate to contact us through email.

The application for the Spring 2024 semester is closed. Please check back later for information about the Fall 2024 application.

3) Interviews with the Portfolio Managers

After reviewing the initial pool of applicants, the Portfolio Managers will extend final-round interviews to qualified candidates.

The interview encompasses behavioral and technical components, and the difficulty level is scaled to reflect the candidate’s experience (e.g., candidates who submit a DCF will receive questions on it). These interviews will be the basis for final decisions on the new analyst class.

For any questions, please email the Portfolio Managers.

What does GSIF look for in potential applicants?

  • Curiosity for financial markets & investing
  • Collaborative attitude with a desire to learn
  • Ability to articulate ideas persuasively
  • Creative and thoughtful stock pitch