Your three-year investment in this program places you in one of the most powerful and enthusiastic business networks in the country. Through your DBA experience, you will have created meaningful relationships with fellow students and faculty who become lifelong and essential resources in your ever-growing professional network. These scholars will be a source of critical feedback and innovative ideas that will benefit your career long after you earn your degree.

Past Students

Class of 2020
  • Erasmus Attah-Gyamfi
    Erasmus Attah-Gyamfi

    Associate Vice President/Controller, JP Morgan Chase

    Dissertation: Earnings Management and Performance Incentives – The Monitoring Effect of Analysts’ Coverage
    MS Accounting: University of Akron

  • John Canzio
    John Canzio

    Senior Vice President, Aerojet Rocketdyne

    Dissertation: Revisiting the Excess Profitability of U.S. Defense Contractors- Fact or Fiction?”
    MS Entrepreneurship: University of Florida

  • Michael Carrillo
    Michael Carrillo

    Senior Director of Global Alliances, Infor

    Dissertation: Terroir Co-brand Influence on the Marketing Value of Oakville Luxury Wines: A Mixed Methods Study
    MBA, MS Electrical & Computer Engineering, Physics: Georgia Institute of Technology

  • Joel Davis
    Joel Davis

    Chief Strategy Officer, Revenue Management Solutions

    Dissertation: Algorithm Adoption Model: What factors lead to algorithm adoption and use by decision-makers
    MBA: University of Florida

  • James Kirby Easterling
    James Kirby Easterling

    Executive-in-Residence, Eastern Kentucky University

    Dissertation: A Study on the Impact of Strategic Fit Between Business and Supply Chain Strategies on a Firm’s Value Appropriation
    MS Supply Chain Management: The Pennsylvania State University
    MBA: Eastern Kentucky University

  • Shari Fowler
    Shari Fowler

    Accounting Faculty, Indiana University-East

    Dissertation: Evidence of Cost Shifting in the Healthcare Industry
    Master’s in Accounting: University of Alabama Huntsville

  • Kristen Freiburger
    Kristen Freiburger

    Brand Manager, Altria Group/VCU

    Dissertation: Towards The Development of a Theory of the Consequences of Challenge and Hindrance Stressors
    MBA: University of North Carolina

  • Pete Garcia
    Pete Garcia

    Global Enterprise Tax Solution, PricewaterhouseCoopers

    Dissertation: The Deal Structure and its Effect on Biotechnical Alliances
    MBA: University of Florida

  • Philip Garton
    Philip Garton

    Chief Financial Officer, Shoals Technologies Group

    Dissertation: Disclosure of Pro Forma Information in Loan Covenant Compliance
    MBA: Cornell University

  • Patrick Hobbs
    Patrick Hobbs


    Dissertation: Effect of Sentiment on ICO Underpricing, Bitcoin and High Growth Equity Price Formation
    MBA: University of Utah

  • Daren Jackson
    Daren Jackson

    President & CEO, Rapid Investments, Inc.

    Dissertation: Payday Discretion… A Positive Change for the Workplace. Myth or Merit??
    MBA: Utah State University

  • Bradly Labrum
    Bradly Labrum

    COO/Principal Equity Partner, Rapid Financial Solutions

    Dissertation: 35 Million Dollars Raised in 30 Seconds, How is that Possible? The Standardization and Success of ICO White Papers
    MBA: Southern Utah University

  • Greg Lewis
    Greg Lewis

    Vice President, Global Pgm. Mgr., CITI

    Dissertation: Induced Perspective Taking Can Reverse the Corrupting Power of Power: A Field Study
    Master’s Aeronautical Science: Embry Riddle University

  • Samuel Lopez
    Samuel Lopez

    Combat Systems Officer, US Navy

    Dissertation: Does Diversity Matter in Financial Markets?: Measuring the Effect of Diversity on Market Valuation
    MBA: University of Florida

  • Carlos Pascual
    Carlos Pascual

    Vice President, American Express

    Dissertation: Network Structure and Ecosystem Evolution: An Exploratory Analysis of Digital Platform Companies’ Foray into Fintech.
    MBA: Florida International University

  • Larry Pino
    Larry Pino

    Founder & Managing Partner, Pino Nicholson, PLLC

    Dissertation: Improving Operationalization of IRC Section 142(d) Private Facility Tax-Exempt Bond Financing Programs For Development of Senior Living Communities
    JD: New York University

Class of 2019
  • Ok Azie
    Ok Azie

    The Mosaic Company, Vice President & Treasurer

    Dissertation: The Efficacy of Altman’s Bankruptcy Prediction Model. The Altman Z score – in the North American Oil and Gas Sector
    MBA: University of Michigan

  • Jeffrey Bannink
    Jeffrey Bannink

    Independent Management Consultant

    Dissertation: A qualitative analysis of the nature, antecedents, and consequences of employee perceptions of organizational politics (POP)
    MS Management: Purdue University

  • Scott Carpenter
    Scott Carpenter

    Senior Director, Finance – Diamond & Jewelry Supply, Tiffany & Co.

    Dissertation: All that Glitters is not Gold: Diamond Investment Performance
    MBA: SUNY New Paltz

  • Sonia Casablanca
    Sonia Casablanca

    Business Professor, Valencia College
    Commercial Real Estate Advisor, Casablanca Commercial Real Estate

    Dissertation: Linking Leadership Empowerment Behaviors and Accountability to Employee Performance: The Influence of Self-Efficacy and Job Complexity
    MBA/MS Risk Management: University of Central Florida/Florida State University

  • John Cooper
    John Cooper

    Lecturer, San Diego State University
    Shareholder, Cooper & Associates, APC

    Dissertation: The Influence of Entity Choice and Buyer Type on Firm Value of Closely Held Businesses
    MS Accounting: San Diego State University

  • John Eckroth
    John Eckroth

    Instructor, Portland State University

    Dissertation: Small to medium size entities financial reporting? The effect of financial information presentation on the likelihood of receiving lender financing
    MBT: University of Southern California

  • Michael Gabson
    Michael Gabson

    CIO, Solid Investment group LLC

    Dissertation: Consumption Displacement: An Empirical Study of Heterogenous Substitution
    MS Management: North Carolina State University

  • Randy Markley
    Randy Markley

    Adjunct Professor, California Baptist University
    Business Development Advisor, Diversified Business Solutions

    Dissertation: Online vs. Face-to-Face Education in Accounting: Comparing CPA Exam Performance Across Pedagogical Attributes
    MPA: University of Southern California
    MBA: University of La Verne

  • Alan McKnight
    Alan McKnight

    Vice President, Kays Financial Advisory Corporation

    Dissertation: Does the market fully value intangible assets? Revisiting the relationship between long-term abnormal stock returns and customer satisfaction
    MBA: Kennesaw State University

  • Lisa Meneau
    Lisa Meneau

    Business Program Chair/Director, Baker College of Cadillac, Michigan

    Dissertation: Struggling to make Ends Meet: Consumer Financial Health Behaviors and individual Differences
    MBA: Northwestern University

  • Rakesh Mishra
    Rakesh Mishra

    President, Star Casualty Insurance Company

    Dissertation: Attorney abundance and growing insurance claims
    MBA: University of Cincinnati

  • Mark Napier
    Mark Napier

    Managing Partner, Kilmahew Group

    Dissertation: Corporate venture Capital Investment and Financial Performance: The Salient Influence of Corporate Competition and Diversification
    MBA: University of Notre Dame

  • Christie Novak
    Christie Novak

    Adjunct Professor, Syracuse University
    Chief Financial Officer, Chocolate Pizza Company, Inc.

    MS Accounting: Syracuse University

  • Jana Nythruva
    Jana Nythruva

    Director, Service Programs Marketing, Siemens Energy

    Dissertation: Estimating the technology life cycle stages and transition points of innovations in rival firms. An empirical study using patent indicators in the advanced gas turbine industry.
    MBA: University of Florida

  • Eddie Sanchez
    Eddie Sanchez

    Partner/Portfolio Manager, First New York Capital Management

    Dissertation: Institutional Ownership and Performance in the Municipal Bond Market
    MBA/MSAPM: Creighton University
    MA Economics: Trinity College

Class of 2018
  • Tim Halloran
    Tim Halloran

    Senior Lecturer, Marketing and Faculty Director, Georgia Tech Executive MBA program
    President, Brand Illumination

    Dissertation: The Impact of Consumer Engagement on Brand Purchase Frequency in Social Media Brand Communities
    Education: Masters Marketing Research: University of Georgia

  • Susan Henderson
    Susan Henderson

    Assistant Professor of Accounting, Cal State Fresno

    Dissertation: How do Sustainability Investments Impact Financial Performance? An Instrumental Variable Approach
    Education: Master of Accountancy: California State University, Fresno

  • Marko Jocic
    Marko Jocic

    Senior Vice President – Sales & Marketing, Governors America Corporation

    Dissertation: Goal Priorities in Family Firms: Implications for the Nature of Innovation
    Education: MBA University of South Carolina

  • Richard Kuerston
    Richard Kuerston

    Director of Programs, Emory University School of Medicine

    Dissertation: The Impact of Incivility on Attention and Risk Taking
    Education: MBA: Georgia State University

  • Christopher Leo
    Christopher Leo

    Lead Faculty, University of Central Florida

    Dissertation: The Positive and Negative Direct and In-direct Effects of Social Networking Websites for Job Search Progress and Employment
    Education: Masters of Management: University of Central Florida

  • Michele Maletta
    Michele Maletta

    Professor, Flagler College

    Dissertation: Persistence and stickiness of viral marketing content: Elongating the effects of viral content online
    Education: MBA: Georgia Southern University

  • Ashok Margam
    Ashok Margam

    Visiting Assistant Professor of Finance, Saint Joseph’s University

    Dissertation: In quest of metrics to evaluate corporations for impact investing: an investigation into corporate social responsibility ratings
    Education: MBA: Columbia University

  • Ryan Parris
    Ryan Parris

    Assistant Controller, University of Florida

    Dissertation: Workplace Incivility (Rudeness) is a Way of Life for Public Accountants – the Cause and Effect of Workplace Incivility
    Education: Masters Accountancy University of Oklahoma

  • Anan Sturgess
    Anan Sturgess

    Professor/Vice President, Mediation First Coast, Inc.

    Dissertation: Economic Effect of Tax Reforms
    Education: MA: Duke University, MS Accounting: Liberty University

  • Omar Tarawneh
    Omar Tarawneh

    Engineering Project Manager, Mosaic Fertilizer, LLC

    Dissertation: Road to Excellence in Capital Projects Forecasting and Spending: How Project Managers Behavior influences Project Output
    Education: MBA: University of Illinois

  • Kate Toskin
    Kate Toskin

    Assistant Teaching Professor, Quinnipiac University

    Dissertation: Millennials in the Workplace: How to Motivate and Lead Millennials
    Education: MBA: Quinnipiac University

  • Nykylo Williams
    Nykylo Williams

    Vice President Area Field Service, Hill-Rom Holdings, Inc.

    Dissertation: Understanding the Factors that Affect Ethical Recovery
    Education: MBA: University of Alabama

  • Josh Zloba
    Josh Zloba

    Vice President Operations, Vykin Corporation

    Dissertation: Effects of Boundary Spanning Employees on Their Managers: A Qualitative Study of the Managers? Perspective
    Education: MBA University of Phoenix

Class of 2017
  • Tom Arnold
    Tom Arnold

    Global Head of Real Estate, Abu Dhabi Investment Authority

    Dissertation: Interactive Effects of Deployment Speed, Opportunity Costs, and Investment Horizon on the Evaluation of Private Equity Real Estate Fund Performance
    Education: MBA: Dartmouth University

  • Jennifer Cainas
    Jennifer Cainas

    Clinical Professor, University of South Florida

    Dissertation: How a CEO’s regulatory focus affects the time to adoption of a formalized management control system for an entrepreneurial firm
    Education: Master of Accountancy: University of South Florida

  • Jamey Darnell
    Jamey Darnell

    Clinical Assistant Professor, Penn State University

    Dissertation: Drivers of CSR: what is the role of reputational risk?
    Education: MBA: Thunderbird School of Global Management

  • Shalini Gopalkrishnan
    Shalini Gopalkrishnan

    Professor/CEO, Lexion Global

    Dissertation: Return on Entrepreneurship
    Education: MBA: Indian Institute of Management

  • Brian Hasson
    Brian Hasson

    Assistant Professor of Accounting, Florida Southern College

    Dissertation: A Field Study: How do Auditors Move from Skeptical Judgment to Skeptical Action?
    Education: Master of Accountancy: University of South Florida

  • James Hoover
    James Hoover

    Managing Director, Analytics, Accenture Federal Svcs.

    Dissertation: Big Data Information Privacy Concerns (BDIPC): Measuring Privacy Concerns in a World with Big Data
    Education: MBA: University of Florida

  • Jose Luis Iglesias
    Jose Luis Iglesias

    Assistant Professor of Management, University of South Carolina – Beaufort

    Dissertation: Resisting Pulling the Plug?: The Role of CEO Regulatory Focus and Outside Directors in Divestment Activity in the U.S. Retail Industry
    Education: MBA: Mackenzie Presbyterian Univ.

  • Kurt Jacobs
    Kurt Jacobs

    Chief Executive Officer, Fortis Solutions
    Lecturer, Syracuse University

    Dissertation: Hiring a New CEO and Firm Performance: Does It Pay To ‘Overpay’?
    Education: MBA: Auburn

  • Enrique Lacayo
    Enrique Lacayo

    Co-Founder, TEMPO

    Dissertation: Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Financial Performance: The Moderating Role of Absorptive Capacity for Industry R&D
    Education: MSM: University of Florida

  • Jared Pressell
    Jared Pressell

    Manager, Accenture Management Consulting

    Dissertation: A Theory and Distribution for Consumer Product Returns Subject to Innovation Diffusion
    Education: MBA University of Florda

  • Anthony Sanor
    Anthony Sanor

    North American Logistics Cost Management Lead, Toyota

    Dissertation: Impact of Construal Level on Employee Voice
    Education: MBA: Florida Institute of Technology

  • David Spohn
    David Spohn

    Assistant Professor of Finance, Lynn University

    Dissertation: Does Foreign Exchange Volume Activity Predict Foreign Exchange Returns? Evidence from Buy-Sell Volume in the Euro-Dollar Market
    Education: MBA: Florida International University

  • Jason Thogmartin
    Jason Thogmartin

    Senior Vice President, Corporate Audit, First Data

    Dissertation: Understanding the Public Company Cost of Audit Firm Switching
    Education: MBA: University of Florida

  • Steven Tufts
    Steven Tufts

    Clinical Professor, University of Florida

    Dissertation: Salesperson Personality and Sphere of Influence as Determinants of Sales Performance
    Education: MBA: University of Virginia