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Haldun Aytug

Karl F. and Nancy J. Flammer Professor
Flammer Professor

(352) 392-2468


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    Education All years

    • PhD - Decision and Information Sciences, University of Florida, 1993
    • BS - Industrial Engineering, Bogazici University, 1988

    Courses Taught Last 3 years

    • Business Objects 1 (ISM6236)
    • Business Programming (ISM6259)
    • Data Analy/Decis Supp (ISM6423)
    • Seminar in Is/It (QMB7933)
    • Special Topics (GEB6930)

    Phd Students Advised Last 3 years

    • Maxim A Terekhov — 2023 — 2024
    • Anurag Garg — 2021 — 2022
    • Xiang Wan — 2021 — 2022

    Professional Service Last 5 years

    • Associate Editor, Decision Support Systems — 2022 to Present
    • Associate Editor, Journal of Business Analytics — 2018 to Present
    • Board of Advisors, Workshop on Information Systems and Technologies — 2021 to Present
    • Editorial Review Board Member, Decision Support Systems — 2010 to Present
    • Conference-Related, POMS International — 2023 to 2024
    • Associate Editor, Decision Support Systems — 2014 to 2022
    • Vice President, Workshop on Information Technologies and Systems — 2018 to 2021
    • Associate Editor, Information Technology and Management — 2014 to 2020

    Conference Proceeding Publications Last 5 years

    • Bidding on Keyword Auctions: Advertiser’s Perspective
      Status: Published
      Published Year: 2021
      Authors: Haldun Aytug, Soohyun Cho, Haldun Aytug

    Journal Article Publications Last 5 years

    • Keyword Auctions: Advertiser's Problem
      Status: Working Paper
      Authors: Soohyun Cho, Haldun Aytug, Anurag Garg
    • Study of Health Outcomes in a Technology Enabled Virtual Setting
      Status: Working Paper
      Authors: Haldun Aytug, Haldun Aytug, Haldun Aytug
    • When Product Recommendations Fall Short: The Heterogeneous Impact of Product Network Characteristics on Recommender System Performance
      Status: Submitted
      Journal: MIS Quarterly
      Authors: Xiang Wan, Anuj Kumar, Haldun Aytug
    • Business Analytics: Emerging Practice and Research Issues in the Healthcare Insurance Industry
      Status: Accepted
      Journal: Production and Operations Management
      Accepted Year: 2023
      Authors: Emre Demirezen, Maxim Terekhov, Haldun Aytug
    • Estimating Heterogeneous Treatment Effect in Product Recommendations
      Status: Working Paper
      Authors: Xiang Wan, Anuj Kumar, Haldun Aytug
    • Mean throughput rate in restart-upon-failure systems subject to random disruptions
      Status: Published
      Journal: IIE Transactions (Institute of Industrial Engineering)
      Accepted Year: 2021
      Authors: Haldun Aytug, Anand Paul
    • Multiobjective optimization challenges in perioperative anesthesia: A review
      Status: Published
      Journal: Surgery
      Accepted Year: 2020
      Authors: Meghan Brennan, Jack Hagan, Chris Giordano, Tyler Loftus, Catherine Price, Haldun Aytug, Patrick Tighe

    Contact And Other Resources

    University of Florida
    Warrington College of Business
    Information Systems and Operations Management Department
    Stuzin Hall 339

    (352) 392-2468