Pryor, Christopher Garrett

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Christopher Garrett Pryor

Assistant Clinical Professor

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  • Education All years

    • PhD, Oklahoma State University, 2014

    Courses Taught Last 3 years

    • Business Plan Formation (ENT6930)
    • Creativity in Entrepr (ENT6616)
    • Entrepreneur/Venture (GEB5114)
    • Entrepreneurship (ENT6006)
    • First 100 Days (ENT6930)
    • Global Strateg Manage (MAN6636)
    • Strategic Management (MAN6724)

    Phd Students Advised Last 3 years

    • Stephen Coleman — 2018 — Current
    • Natalie Nix — 2022 — 2022
    • William Poellmitz — 2019 — 2021

    Conference Proceeding Publications Last 5 years

    • Child labor and entrepreneurs’ push to formality in the base of the pyramid.
      Status: Accepted
      Published Year: 2019
      Authors: Christopher Pryor, Garry Bruton, Shaker Zahra

    Journal Article Publications Last 5 years

    • Does attitudes toward own aging explain more variance than chronological age and subjective age? A meta-analysis
      Status: Accepted
      Journal: Work, Aging, and Retirement
      Accepted Year: 2024
      Authors: H Yang, J Shi, X Zhao, Christopher Pryor, C Huang
    • Lean Startup in settings of impoverishment: The implications of the context for theory
      Status: Accepted
      Journal: Journal of Management
      Accepted Year: 2023
      Authors: Garry Bruton, Christopher Pryor, Jose Cervedo-Lopez
    • Trusting without a safety net: The peril of trust in Base of the pyramid economies
      Status: Accepted
      Journal: Journal of Management Studies
      Accepted Year: 2022
      Authors: Christopher Pryor, Shaker Zahra, Garry Bruton
    • In loving hands: How founders’ affective commitment strengthens the effect of organizational flexibility on firms’ opportunity exploitation and performance
      Status: Published
      Published Year: 2022
      Authors: Christopher Pryor, Anastasia Sergeevna, Iana Pryor
    • The Curvilinear Relationships Between Top Decision Maker Goal Orientations and Firm Ambidexterity: Moderating Effect of Role Experience
      Status: Published
      Published Year: 2021
      Authors: Christopher Pryor, Jiangpei Xie
    • The curvilinear relationships between top decision maker goal orientations and firm ambidexterity: Moderating effect of role experience
      Status: Accepted
      Accepted Year: 2021
      Authors: Christopher Pryor, Susana Santos, Jiangpei Xie
    • By the book or out of the box? Top decision maker cognitive style, gender, and firm absorptive capacity
      Status: Accepted
      Accepted Year: 2021
      Authors: Christopher Pryor, Robert Hirth, Y Jin

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    University of Florida
    Warrington College of Business
    Management Department
    Bryan Hall 133M

    (352) 273-0331