Cooke, Alan David

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Alan David Cooke

Egbert R. Beall/Beall's Department Stores, Inc. Faculty Fellow
Associate Professor

(352) 273-3282


Education All years

  • PhD - Cognitive Psychology, University of California, 1997
  • MS - Marketing, Walter A. Haas School of Business, University of California, 1994
  • BS - Human Factors Engineering (Summa Cum Laude), Tufts University, 1990

Courses Taught Last 3 years

  • Customer Analysis (MAR6508)
  • Customer Rela Manage (MAR6861)
  • Experimental Design (MAR6930)
  • Prin of Marketing (MAR3023)
  • Special Topics (MAR2951)

Phd Students Advised Last 3 years

  • Gillian Wheat — 2017 — Current
  • Maria Wadsworth — 2020 — Current

Journal Article Publications Last 5 years

  • Irreducibility of Sensory Experiences: Dual Representations Lead to Dual Context Biases
    Status: Published
    Journal: Cognition
    Published Year: 2024
    Authors: Yanmei Zheng, Chris Janiszewski, Alan Cooke
  • Great expectations: argument order expectations shape the efficacy of order effects in one-sided advertisements
    Status: Published
    Journal: Marketing Letters
    Published Year: 2023
    Authors: Joshua Clarkson, Alan Cooke, Nathanael Martin
  • Hate the wait? How social inferences can cause customers who wait longer to buy more
    Status: Published
    Journal: Frontiers in Communications
    Published Year: 2022
    Authors: Nira Munichor, Alan Cooke

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University of Florida
Warrington College of Business
Marketing Department
Stuzin Hall 267B

(352) 273-3282