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Aditi Mukherjee

Instructional Associate Professor

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    Dr. Aditi Mukherjee has a Masters in Software Engineering from PSG College of Technology, India and a Ph.D. in Management (Information Systems) from Purdue University. She has been a lecturer in the Information Systems and Operations Management Department at the Warrington College of Technology at the University of Florida since 2009 and has taught at the graduate and undergraduate level. Her research interests include knowledge management and pedagogical advancements in Information Systems courses.

    Expertise And Interest Areas

    Education All years

    • PhD - Management Information Systems, Purdue University, 2009
    • MSc - Software Engineering, PSG College Of Technology, 2003

    Courses Taught Last 3 years

    • Bus Data Communica 1 (ISM4220)
    • Bus Sys Design/Applic (ISM4113)
    • Business Data Analytics (QMB4930)
    • Database Management (ISM4210)
    • Info Sys and Oper Strat (ISM4330)
    • Intro to Info Systems (ISM3013)

    Contact And Other Resources

    University of Florida
    Warrington College of Business
    Information Systems and Operations Management Department
    Stuzin Hall 360

    (352) 392-0648