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Richard J. Lutz

JCPenney Professor
J.C. Penney Professor of Marketing
Chair, Marketing Department

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Professor Lutz teaches an undergraduate principles of marketing course and an MBA course on the management of brand equity. Dr. Lutz has published over 80 articles, books and chapters, primarily in the area of consumer attitudes and response to advertising. His current research addresses experiential consumption, customer donation decisions, and social media effects on consumer purchase behavior. Dr. Lutz was previously on the faculty of the UCLA Graduate School of Management for nine years (1973 - 82).  He is a Fellow of the American Marketing Association, the Association for Consumer Research, and the Society for Consumer Psychology.


  • PhD - Marketing, University of Illinois, 1973
  • MS - Marketing, University of Illinois, 1972
  • BS - Marketing, University of Illinois, 1969

Research Interests

  • Consumer Behavior
  • Advertising Response
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Courses Taught

  • Advanced Dba Research (MAR7978)
  • Brand Management (MAR6838)
  • Brand Management (MAR6930)
  • Prep Teach in Bus (BTE7171)
  • Prin of Marketing (MAR3023)
  • Principles of Marketing (MAR3023)
  • Special Topics (MAR2951)
  • Supervised Teaching (MAR6940)
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Phd Students Advised

  • Felipe Affonso — Current
  • Jacob Regier — Current
  • Felipe M Affonso — 2022
  • Remy E Jennings — 2022
  • Aminreza Shiri — 2021
  • Felipe Marinelli Affonso — 2021
  • Jacob Regier — 2021
  • Felipe Marinelli Affonso — 2020
  • Jacob Regier — 2020
  • Charis Li — 2019
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Professional Service

Last 5 years

Book Publications

  • Legends in Consumer Behavior: C. Whan Park
    Status: Published
    Published Year: 2019
    Author: Richard Lutz
Last 5 years

Book Chapter Publications

  • Volume Introduction: Decision-Making and Choice Decision--The Contribution of C. Whan Park
    Status: Published
    Published Year: 2019
    Author: Richard Lutz
  • Object History Value in the Sharing economy
    Status: Accepted
    Accepted Year: 2019
    Authors: Charis Li, Richard Lutz
Last 5 years

Conference Proceeding Publications

  • On Relevance
    Status: Accepted
    Accepted Year: 2018
    Author: Richard Lutz
Last 5 years

Journal Article Publications

  • How and When Taking Pictures Undermines the Enjoyment of Experiences
    Status: Published
    Journal: Psychology & Marketing
    Published Year: 2019
    Authors: Gia Nardini, Richard Lutz, Robyn LeBoeuf
  • How Mental Simulation Evokes Negative Affective Misforecasting of Hedonic Experiences
    Status: Published
    Journal: Journal of Consumer Marketing
    Published Year: 2018
    Authors: Gia Nardini, Richard Lutz
  • Would You Like to Round Up and Donate the Difference? Roundup requests Reduce the Perceived Pain of Donating
    Status: Published
    Journal: Journal of Consumer Psychology
    Published Year: 2018
    Authors: Katie Kelting, Stefanie Robinson, Richard Lutz

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University of Florida
Warrington College of Business
Marketing Department
Stuzin Hall 267A

(352) 273-3273


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