The Digital Markets Initiative (DMI) examines the business and regulatory implications of the growth of digital markets through rigorous and relevant research, public engagement, and student mentorship. We are just getting started, but we already have laid a firm foundation from which we will accomplish our goal of transforming how researchers, policy makers, and practitioners consider the business, regulatory, and antitrust implications of the new economy.

We have ambitious plans that include adding tenure track faculty specialized in the digitalization of business, supporting high quality research, launching academic and policy maker symposia, forming student study groups, and more. Our program will be rigorous and balanced so that it creates an impactful body of knowledge, develops careful and thoughtful researchers, and fosters the growth of business and government professionals that will provide leadership in business development and public policy. It will also feed a pipeline of students prepared to staff positions in the field, at every level.

UF has received a generous gift to get DMI underway, but is seeking additional partners to build it out. Digital markets are evolving rapidly under great scrutiny, which creates a need for research-based recommendations to inform decision-making by business and government leaders. Current “best practices” are at best untested for this rapidly changing environment. At worst they are confidently embraced, yet fatally flawed. Thus there is some urgency to get this initiative fully underway to address pressing concerns.

I invite you to contact me to learn how you might engage in our work.

Mark A. Jamison, Ph.D.
Digital Markets Initiative
Director and Gunter Professor