Postbaccalaureate Status

Admission Requirements

Admission is very selective. Meeting the candidate profile described below does not guarantee admission as a Post-Bac. student. Admission decisions are made by a faculty committee, and the actual admission profile will vary depending upon the pool of applicants. The candidate’s total record including past academic performance, work experience, and demonstrated leadership qualities will be considered.

The minimum standards that must be met before a candidate’s application will warrant serious consideration for admission are the following:

  • Completion of, or in the process of completing, an undergraduate degree from an accredited institution in an area other than accounting.
  • A 3.5 (or higher) cumulative GPA, calculated based upon all attempts of junior/senior college-level coursework (computed based upon all courses taken after the student reaches 60 semester credit hours).
  • Applicants must complete the GMAT. GRE scores may not be substituted for the GMAT. Minimum GMAT scores required are:
Total Essay Integrated Reasoning
600 5 Not Needed
  • Foreign applicants who are not exempt under university guidelines must complete the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) or the IELTS (International English Language Testing System). There are no exceptions to the minimum TOEFL and IELTS requirements listed below.
Total Listening Writing Reading Speaking
TOEFL 100 26 17 20 23
IELTS 7.0 7.0 7.0 7.0 7.0
  • Submission of 3 letters of recommendation attesting to the candidate’s likelihood of success in graduate studies.
  • Each candidate must submit a one-page personal statement stating his/her academic and career goals, and why the candidate believes he/she should be considered for admission; i.e., how his/her addition to the program will add to its success.
  • Completion of ACG 2021 Introduction to Financial Accounting and ACG 2071 Introduction to Managerial Accounting Accounting, or the equivalent.
    • a minimum grade of “B” must be achieved in each course.
    • Students are allowed a maximum of two attempts (including drops and withdrawals) to earn the minimum “B” grade.
    • If a series of courses are taken which upon completion are equivalent to ACG 2021 or ACG 2071, then a minimum grade of “B” must be achieved in each course.
  • Completion of the following preprofessional courses with a minimum 3.5 GPA:
Course Title Credits
ACG 2021 Intro. to Financial Accounting 4
ACG 2071 Intro. to Managerial Accounting 4
MAC 2233 Survey of Calculus 1 3
ECO 2013 Principles of Macroeconomics 3
ECO 2023 Principles of Microeconomics 3
STA 2023 Intro. to Statistics 1 3
CGS 2531 Intro. to Computer Software 3
  • In computing this grade point average, the following guidelines apply:
  • Grade forgiveness is not considered when computing the grade point average, and except for items 1 and 2 below, the grade point average is computed on all attempts of preprofessional coursework.  
    • In the case in which an applicant is repeating a course after having earned a grade of “C” or higher, the repeat grade will not be averaged into the preprofessional grade point average computation (unless the repeated grade is lower than the initial grade).
    • When the applicant completes two or more different courses (and each course fulfills the same preprofessional requirement), then the course used to compute the preprofessional grade point average shall only include the first course completed. E.g., if a student completes MAC2311 with a “C” grade and then later completes MAC2233 receiving an “A” grade, only the grade earned in MAC2311 will be used to compute the student’s preprofessional grade point average.

Computer Requirement

All University of Florida students are expected to own a computer. Visit UF Information Technology for minimum and recommended computer standards. In addition to these requirements, accounting students must have a laptop computer.