3/2 Program

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT THE GMAT: Beginning with the Spring 2024 semester, the GMAT exam will no longer be required for application to the Master of Accounting program. All applicants for semesters prior to Spring 2024 must submit an acceptable GMAT score. This change only applies to the Master of Accounting program. Other graduate programs at UF may continue to require the GMAT, GRE, or other standardized tests.

Application Information

Students seeking admission to the 3/2 Program submit a graduate application through the University of Florida’s Admissions Office, which requires submission of a personal statement. Graduate applications should be completed during the student’s second semester of their junior year. Prospective graduate students should plan on taking the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) during this time. Graduate applications will not be processed without a test score. Letters of recommendation are not necessary for 3/2 admission applications, and will not increase the likelihood of admission.

Pursuant to Florida Statute, your application requires inclusion of all post-high school education and employment, as well as information about ongoing international affiliations and research funding. Please ensure this information is included on your curriculum vitae (CV) or résumé.

Note: When submitting your application, be sure to indicate that you expect to earn the BSAc, and indicate the date you expect to earn it. Failure to include this information can delay processing of your application.