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I hope you’re well. I have watched all the new developments and excitement about EESA, 2012 EESA will be a great one. The program transformed my life and my way of thinking, I will like to thank you for that.
Berlin Herve, EESA 2011, UWC
Just wanted to submit a sincere thank you for putting together EESA. I can assuredly say that it was a life changing experience for me. It wasn’t really about the experience of seeing and enjoying South Africa; although that was a nice icing on the cake. I got hit with 100% certainty that my future lies in the entrepreneurial realm and I absolutely cannot sacrifice my potential to the corporate gods. I studied those entrepreneurs and tried to find what it was that made them wake up each day and continually push to build their business. There was little skill at times, virtually no resources, and mountains of challenges at each step; yet these individuals still persevered to achieve. They wake up each day and refuse to let all of those issues squash their dreams. How could one not be inspired by that? I loved the program and all that it will do for me in my career.
Justin Boeker, Texas A&M, EESA 2011
South Africa was the closest simulation to what life would be like as an entrepreneur, as any program could provide. In all of my studies as a EEE major nothing, like EESA, has given me the confidence that I could achieve great things in my life. One thing to definitely quote myself about is in saying, ‘the EESA program is the best study abroad program. Why? Because we are not traveling around just visiting places, we are thrown into a cultural environment that is often different and actively forced to adapt and understand that culture more thoroughly.’ In the end it has forged relationships that will be remembered for a lifetime.
Brian T. McBride
With each passing day I cherish the time I spent in the EESA program more and more. It truly gave me the opportunity to see and learn about the world in an entirely new way. More importantly, it also gave me the support structures to help facilitate that learning process. I can’t say enough about how much my business skills improved, but it was really the cultural, group, and interpersonal interactions that made EESA a life-changing experience.
Sterling Proffer
I would like to thank you truly from the bottom of my heart for the amazing experience and knowledge you brought us and for your generosity and love you’ve shown us as well as the exciting times we shared together. It was truly a chance in a life time I will cherish and share with my family and friends, a chance that has changed my perspective of life, and a chance I personally acquired skills and knowledge to better my life.
Ali Malefo
The EESA program was incredible. I learned so much about culture, business, struggle, success, teamwork, people, reality, and myself. It has inspired and moved me in such a significant way that I am strongly considering returning to Africa to work with a NPO in order to continue taking part in the development of this amazing continent. Thank you again for an experience of a lifetime.
Callie Pote
The EESA program gave me confidence to handle any challenges that are brought forth in the future. The learning experience is not just limited to classroom topics but to life lessons as well.
Landon Daft
I took away so many great experiences and learned so much about entrepreneurship and myself.
Lauren Dunagan
The experience that I had in South Africa with the EEE department was amazingly unique and would be hard for me to recreate. The success that my team and I had with our clients was so much more then we could have ever expected. Our clients that we served were able to gain an upper hand in their fields and to obtain a better position in their target markets. The faculty of the EEE department who hosted this program gave us the tools to accomplish great task and I am grateful for that. My clients were extremely grateful to our team and really understood the value of our services. Everything that I learned in this program is applicable to the work that I now do in my professional career. The EESA program helped me to grow as a person and develop as a professional.
Theresa M Moore
I have never had a school experience, where I learned as much as I did and gained such practical skills. The faculty member’s passion and deep commitment to improve the lives of business owners in Cape Town is evident. The program was an amazing experience! I learned so much about business and was challenged to look at social issues and how to help others in a new way.
Kelly Kravitz, Texas A&M


On behalf of OBSIDO Interiors, I would to extend our appreciation to the Khomanani Consulting team for affording their time with our business. We appreciate their willingness to work with us, it was quite an extensive 6 weeks period with lots of interrogation, ideas and recommendations.

When we received the invite to participate in the EESA programme, we were not really interested due to past experiences and with other groups that we had. But we then decided to take a chance this time and take part in the programme.

The hard working and united Khomanani Consulting team has given us tremendous and excellent suggestions on how we can conduct our business efficiently and more profitable. Some ideas they gave us were part of our business process plans, but they gave us courage to start implementing them now and not later. Their marketing advices has started showing some improvements to our business. We have already implemented their sales process suggestions book keeping recommendations.

They are the most motivational, inspiring and action driven team we’ve ever had in our business.

The time and effort they’ve spent with us proved to be fruitful and it was worth a while. Their presence was a compliment to everyone at OBSIDO Interiors, from management to staff.

We thank their kindness and generosity, we will keep them posted on our progress and we hope they can come and evaluate us again in 2 years.

Mr S Malotana, OBSIDO Interiors, EESA 2013 Client


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