Entrepreneurship Minors

Undergraduate Minor in Entrepreneurship

Hours: 17-20 credits, all completed with an overall 2.5 GPA in the minor and a cumulative 2.0 UF GPA.

The entrepreneurship minor provides all UF undergraduates with the opportunity to learn the basic principles of business operations and new venture development.

To declare the minor, students must complete ACG 2021 and ENT 3003. All courses for the minor must be taken for a letter grade. All attempts at courses for the minor will be averaged into the minor GPA. All 3000/4000-level courses that are required for the minor must be taken at UF or via a study abroad program that is pre-approved by the School of Business. UF correspondence study courses will not count toward the minor.

Students who completed FIN 3403 or MAR 3023 at another Florida public university can petition the school to take a higher-level course in that discipline to satisfy requirements for the minor.


Required Courses:

  • ACG 2021 - Introduction to Financial Accounting (4 credits)
  • ENT 3003 - Principles of Entrepreneurship (4 credits)
  • FIN 3403 - Business Finance OR MAR 3023 – Principles of Marketing (4 credits)
  • MAR 4403 Sales Management (4 credits)

Elective Courses (choose one):

Spring Modular Courses (Half semester):

  • ENT 4934 - Fundamentals of New Venture Planning (2 credits) (two sections – Mod 3)
  • ENT 4934 - High Tech Entrepreneurship (2 credits) (Mod 4)

Fall Modular Courses (Half semester):

  • ENT 4934 – Creativity (2 credits) (Mod 1)
  • ENT 4934 - High Tech Entrepreneurship (2 credits) (Mod 1)

Fall Semester Course:

  • MAR 4933 - New Product Development (4 credits)

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Graduate Minor in Entrepreneurship

Only available for non-business graduate students at the University of Florida. Graduate business students may pursue a Certificate in New Venture Creation. Find more information on these concentrations and certificates.

Curriculum for Non-PhD Students

(6 Credits)

Required Courses:

Curriculum for PhD Students

(12 Credits)

Required Courses:

Apply for Graduate Minor

Please fill out the application form and bring it in to our center to discuss your application. This form needs to be turned in no later than the 2nd week of the term you plan to graduate in.

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