Entrepreneurship Faculty Fellows

Celebrating Scholars Who Think and Act in Entrepreneurial Ways

The program is open to all full-time UF faculty members, including those from all disciplines and academic areas on the campus. We seek academic entrepreneurs or faculty interested in integrating an entrepreneurial mindset and related concepts, tools, and frameworks into their home discipline; particularly into their research, teaching, or outreach activities.

Apply to be a Fellow

Applications to become an Entrepreneurship Faculty Fellow are accepted on a rolling basis, with up to five new fellows being accepted each year. To qualify, a faculty member needs to propose an initiative that reflects the interface between their own academic area and entrepreneurship. Proposals can center on any professional activity that the individual wants to pursue over the next few years.

If accepted to the program, the Fellow is jointly appointed to her/his home department and the Entrepreneurship & Innovation Center in the Warrington College of Business. Small pools of financial support are available to assist with the project they undertake. In addition to this project, fellows get together for informal monthly lunches to discuss what each is doing and explore interdisciplinary questions related to entrepreneurial behavior, and the nature of an entrepreneurial university. An annual forum, open to the entire university community, is held to feature the activities of the Fellows. Fellows are typically appointed for up to three years, although the appointment is renewable.

Sample Interdisciplinary Issues
  • Green entrepreneurship
  • Social entrepreneurship
  • Tech entrepreneurship
  • Agricultural entrepreneurship
  • Public sector entrepreneurship
  • Media entrepreneurship
  • Anthropology of entrepreneurship
  • Institutional entrepreneurship
  • The entrepreneurial artist
  • Historical entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurial communities
  • Gender and minority entrepreneurship
  • Sports entrepreneurship
  • Psychology of entrepreneurship
  • The entrepreneurial educator
  • Entrepreneurship at the base of the pyramid
  • Entrepreneurship and the built environment
  • Health entrepreneurship

For more information, contact Dr. Michael H. Morris, George W. and Lisa O. Etheridge Professor of Entrepreneurship


Dr. Michael Morris

Program Director
352.273.0329  |  Email (michael.morris at warrington.ufl.edu)

Application deadline

Applications accepted on ongoing basis.
(Acceptance decisions made within 4 weeks.)

Faculty Fellows Newsletter

University faculty in most disciplines who are involved in entrepreneurial activities show a measurable increase in research productivity and publication output over colleagues who are not engaged entrepreneurially.
Lowe & Gonzalez-Brambila
We believe this moment in history makes unlocking the innovative potential of our research universities a national imperative, and an entrepreneurial mindset is key to achieving this objective.
Holden Thorp
former Chancellor
University of North Carolina
- Chapel Hill

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