Retail Gator Hatchery @ the Reitz Union

Made by UF Gators

The Reitz Union Gator Hatchery is a retail Incubator that offers student entrepreneurs, as well as UF Faculty and Staff, the opportunity to showcase and sell innovative and unique products—Made at UF! The Hatchery offers shelf space, signage, inventory space, staff to sell the Hatchery items, and most importantly, the Hatchery management team provides marketing and special events to promote your products. Retail Hatchery product companies will have access to the Entrepreneurship Center’s network of individuals, companies and other resources.

The Reitz Union Gator Hatchery is managed and operated by a team of entrepreneurial minded student interns who have experience in or particular interest retail. Former student managers can be selected as Reitz Union Gator Hatchery Fellows, which offers them the opportunity to support and advise the current cohort of student managers.

Retail Hatchery product companies will also have valuable opportunities to learn about retail sales, distribution channels, product lines, merchandising and other areas that are critical for success to product development and consumer facing companies.

The Reitz Retail Hatchery is open to all students at UF!

How to Apply to Sell your Products in the Reitz Retail Gator Hatchery

Student entrepreneurs interested in becoming Retail Gator Hatchery product companies are encouraged to fill out the application form through the link below. Following receipt of the application, candidates will be contacted for an interview by the merchandising managers. Certain requirements and criteria must be met in order for companies to become a Reitz Retail Gator Hatchery product company. Applications and product lines are accepted on a rolling, space available basis. The Retail Hatchery will take on most of its new products at the beginning of the Fall and Spring semesters.

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Student Product Companies in the Reitz Union Gator Hatchery

  • Down to Earth Denim by Jaclyn Horton
    Repurposed Denim Clothing colorfully decorated with unique textiles from around the world
  • Juan’s Wristbands & Anklets from Juan Lozano
    Finely woven bracelets and anklets in hues of orange and blue, made in South America
  • Only Dee Dee’s by Daniella Diminich
    Decorative Hand Made Clay Coasters and unique stickers
  • Specs Up by Milica Jovanovich
    Patented product to hold glasses while applying eye makeup
  • Suede, by Natash Jewett and Alexa Lorenzo
    Handmade and originally designed fashion jewelry with beads, weaving, and materials
  • Sweets & Sayings, by Katherine Anthony
    Originally designed prints and sayings
  • Taylor Grosse Art, by Taylor Grosse
    Fine art drawings by Taylor Grosse adorn wall hangings, journal covers, book marks and postcards
  • Turlington Coat Factory, by Peyton Stahler
    Humorous illustrations reminiscent of landmarks at UF
  • Vscape, from Brandon Farling
    Virtual Reality Experience
Gator Hatchery


Nola Miyasaki, JD, MBA

Director, Gator Hatchery (Bryan Hall, Reitz Union and Infinity Hall)
352.273.0336  |  Email (nola.miyasaki at


Georgia Greenlees

Merchandising Manager

Juliet Iloegbunam

Merchandising Manager

Stephanie Barahona

Marketing Manager

Rina Vo Ngoc

Marketing Manager

Matthew Abes

Operations and Finance Manager

Rafi Amjad

Online Store


  • Felipe Gatos
  • Michael Kandler
  • Olivia Streater


  • Brian Brasington, Associate Director for Business Services, Reitz Union
  • Cecelia Schultz, Director of Student Programs, Miller Center for Retailing

Retail Entrepreneur in Residence

Melissa Glikes
Founder and Owner
Sisset’s Home & Patio
3429 W University Avenue
Gainesville 32607

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