CEI Ambassadors

Who We Are

The CEI Ambassadors is a prestigious student organization, sponsored by the Entrepreneurship & Innovation Center at the University of Florida that promotes entrepreneurship and innovation throughout the university community.


As the student face of the University of Florida's Entrepreneurship & Innovation Center, our goal is to unite entrepreneurial minds. We encourage student involvement in entrepreneurship by creating programs that inspire innovation through experiential learning activities.

What We Do

CEI Ambassadors primary responsibility is to represent the Entrepreneurship & Innovation Center. The center offers many programs throughout the academic year and it is the Ambassadors’ responsibility to help market and spread awareness of these opportunities to fellow students through tabling, banners, and various events as well as provide help in a support staff capacity when needed.

In addition to CEI programming, the Ambassadors are responsible for TEDxUF (Technology Entertainment and Design) – a one day event that showcases the best of Gainesville's startup scene. The program is designed to inspire innovation and entrepreneurial activities within Gainesville and the student community. Ambassadors bring Gainesville's luminaries to campus to speak about inspiring innovations in their respective fields, from engineering and science to music and art.

Examples of previous Ambassador initiatives include:

  • Establishing the TEDx program at UF
  • Writing a proposal for an entrepreneurship major at the University of Florida
  • Creating a workshop titled “Entrepreneurship for Dummies” which taught students the fundamentals of entrepreneurship
  • Creating the Warrington executive summary competition
  • Hosting the annual business cup

CEI Ambassadors also have the opportunity to host private lunch discussions with Entrepreneurs-in-Residence, attend monthly Startup Hour, and participate in a variety of social events both within the organization as well as jointly with other groups around campus.


Jamie Kraft

CEI Director
352.273.0333  |  Email (jamie.kraft at warrington.ufl.edu)


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Warrington College of Business
BRY 100
PO Box 117150
Gainesville, FL 32611-7150
Phone: 352.392.2397
Fax: 352.392.2086

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