Center Directory

Name/Title/Department Phone/Email Location
Astleford, Ted
Director - Experiential Learning Programs
Department of Finance Insurance & Real Estate
Email (ted.astleford at
BRY 131A
Box 117168
Hayes-Santos, Adrian
Working Director Master of Science Entrepreneurship
Department of Finance Insurance & Real Estate
Email (adrian.hayes-santos at
BRY 133C
Box 117168
Heggestad, Arnold (Arnie) 352.273.0330
Email (arnie at
Helmer, Michelle (Michelle Helmer) 352.273.4967
Email (michelle.helmer at
BRY 133A
Box 117168
Joos, Kristin
Director - Social Impact Initiatives
Department of Finance Insurance & Real Estate
Email (kristin.joos at
BRY 133F
Box 117168
Kraft, Jamie 352.273.0333
Email (jamie.kraft at
BRY 133E
Box 117168
Miyasaki, Nola
Executive Director, Outreach and Incubation
Department of Finance Insurance & Real Estate
Email (nola.miyasaki at
BRY 131B
Box 117168
Morris, Michael
James W. Walter Eminent Scholar Chair
Department of Marketing
Email (michael.morris at
BRY 133
Box 117168
Neumeyer, Franz (Xaver) 352.273.0332
Email (xaver.neumeyer at
BRY 133H
Box 117168
Rossi, William (Bill) 352.273.0334
Email (william.rossi at
BRY 133M
Box 117168


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Warrington College of Business
BRY 100
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Gainesville, FL 32611-7150
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Fax: 352.392.2086

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