CEI Ambassadors

Who We Are

The Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CEI) Ambassadors is a group of University of Florida students that promote entrepreneurship and innovation throughout the university community. We are a meritorious student organization sponsored by the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation.


"As the student face of the University of Florida's Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, our goal is to unite entrepreneurial minds. We encourage student involvement in entrepreneurship by creating programs that inspire innovation through experiential learning activities."

What We Do

Before you can understand what we do you should visit the CEI's website.

Here is a brief list of the activities we take part in:

  • Represent the Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation
  • WCBA Business Cup
  • TEDx UF
  • Entrepreneur-in-Residence
  • Startup Hour
  • Social activities
  • Semester projects

Our primary job is to represent the Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation. There are many programs the center offers, however not many students know about them. Through tabling, banners, and various events we try to spread the word about the opportunities that CEI offers.

The TEDx UF program (Technology Entertainment and Design) is a one day event to showcase the best of Gainesville's startup scene. It is designed to inspire innovation and entrepreneurial activities within Gainesville. Once a year we bring Gainesville's luminaries to speak about inspiring innovation in their respective fields, from engineering and science to music and art.

Each semester an exceptional entrepreneur is honored for their accomplishments as a CEI Entrepreneur-In-Residence (EIR). For a period of one week, the EIR becomes involved with UF students and faculty through lectures and special events. The Ambassadors are given an opportunity to meet with the Entrepreneur-in-Residence and host a private lunch discussion during their stay.

Since the fall of 2010, the CEI Ambassadors have attended a monthly event called Startup Hour. The goal of this event is to transcend the silos of UF, synergizing the entrepreneurial efforts of students from different areas of campus while exponentially increasing their network. These meetings are held on the third Thursday of every month, and everyone is welcome to attend. Students with an idea wear blue name tags. Students who want to work on an idea wear orange name tags. Others who just want to observe wear white name tags.

The CEI Ambassadors partake in many social activities. We have internal social activities within the organization such as a BBQs, bowling, dinners etc. We host external social activities with other clubs around the campus also.

The bulk of our activities come from our semester project which we decide on as a group. In the spring of 2007 we decided to tackle the task of forming a proposal for an entrepreneurship major at the University of Florida. In the fall of 2007 we created a workshop titled "Entrepreneurship for Dummies" in which we teach students entrepreneurship fundamentals. In the spring of 2008 we created the WCBA executive summary competition. In the fall of 2009 we held the annual business cup, and last spring we brought the TEDx program to UF.

We strongly encourage students from around the campus to get involved with CEI's programs. By attending some of our events, students learn from and interact with entrepreneurs directly. As a result, the students learn the essence of entrepreneurship and innovation, take action, and become the leaders of fields that have yet to exist.


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Phone: 352.392.2397
Fax: 352.392.2086

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