Style Guide

Version 1.3

This guide will periodically be updated as our Identity evolves over time. When we need additional examples and problem solve, new elements will be added to supplement our guide.

All internal and external communication projects will need to be reviewed by the Marketing & Communication Services team. If you also have questions on the interpretation of this guide, please contact us.

Style Guide Highlights

This guide is meant to be a supplement to the University’s branding style guide. Get familiar with the institution brand tone and elements, as the College’s identity is crafted to live within those.

Tone Words

We’ve established a set of tone words that not only reflect the University’s USP “Together, Unstoppable,” but also embody the College’s unique position on campus. However, the degree to which the audiences feel them should vary. Think about putting these personality traits or tone words on an equalizer that allows you to dial up or dial down certain elements based on the audience being addressed.

  • Premier
  • Bold
  • Proud
  • Creative
  • Determined
  • Active
  • Established

Copy Tone

The copy tone for the College should feel confident, driven, premier and empowering. We are motivated by the people we help, so finding ways to attach that motivation to how we speak about our pursuits enriches our messaging.


As a Warrington graduate, you’ll learn that limitations are only fuel for motivation. That the only path in front of you will be the one you forge—one where expectations become starting points and laurels are home grown. You’ll see that when you pair our experience with your drive, we can build something greater than the sum of our parts.

UF Color Palette


Pantone 172
R:255 G:74 B:0
C:0 M:70 Y:100 K:0


Pantone 287
R:0 G:33 B:165
C:100 M:60 Y:0 K:20


Pantone 30-6
R:207 G:182 B:145
C:10 M:20 Y:40 K:10


Pantone 292-9
R:207 G:219 B:203
C:10 M:0 Y:15 K:10


Pantone 18-8
R:255 G:239 B:207
C:0 M:50 Y:20 K:0


35% BLK
R:166 G:166 B:166
C:37 M:30 Y:30 K:0


Pantone 293-2
R:94 G:142 B:63
C:50 M:0 Y:85 K:35


Pantone 175-2
R:89 G:54 B:116
C:60 M:80 Y:0 K:35


Pantone 18-1
R:25 G:175 B:23
C:0 M:35 Y:100 K:0


Pantone 87-1
R:215 G:24 B:42
C:0 M:100 Y:90 K:10


Pantone 216-5
R:108 G:154 B:195
C:50 M:20 Y:0 K:15


Pantone 46-3
R:226 G:143 B:65
C:10 M:50 Y:85 K:0


Pantone 7674
R:168 G:220 B:217
C:33 M:0 Y:16 K:0


Pantone 7489
R:128 G:190 B:99
C:54 M:3 Y:81 K:2


Pantone 7485
R:224 G:229 B:205
C:12 M:4 Y:21 K:0

Warrington Color Palette


Pantone 172
R:255 G:74 B:0
C:0 M:70 Y:100 K:0


Pantone 287
R:0 G:33 B:165
C:100 M:60 Y:0 K:20


Pantone 2757
R:42 G:49 B:95
C:95 M:90 Y:35 K:25


Pantone 292
R:108 G:155 B:195
C:60 M:30 Y:10 K:0


Pantone 297U
R:154 G:210 B:225
C:35 M:0 Y:5 K:5


R:233 G:178 B:132
C:8 M:33 Y:50 K:0


R:143 G:148 B:154
C:25 M:17 Y:15 K:30


R:193 G:195 B:178
C:25 M:17 Y:30 K:0


As the primary UF master brand typeface, Gentona is often used in headlines, but can also be used throughout. It is a modern, clean, sans serif with a touch of humanity. Its varying weights, from thin to thick, provide dynamic variations to grab the attention of different audiences.

The UF master brand secondary typeface, Quadon, is used only in body copy and call-outs as a compliment to bold Gentona headlines.

See the Style Guide for examples of Gentona and Quadon use cases.

For further information regarding the UF master brand typography including additional font weights, styles and obtaining licenses through their Font Licenses Request Form, please visit:

  • Gentona-BoldItalic.
  • Gentona-Bold.
  • Gentona-BookItalic.
  • Gentona-Book.
  • Gentona-ExtraBoldItalic.
  • Gentona-ExtraBold.
  • Gentona-ExtraLightItalic.
  • Gentona-ExtraLight.
  • Gentona-HeavyItalic.
  • Gentona-Heavy.
  • Gentona-LightItalic.
  • Gentona-Light.
  • Gentona-MediumItalic.
  • Gentona-Medium.
  • Gentona-SemiBoldItalic.
  • Gentona-SemiBold.
  • Gentona-ThinItalic.
  • Gentona-Thin.
  • Quadon-Bold.
  • Quadon-BlackItalic.
  • Quadon-BoldItalic.
  • Quadon-ExtraBold.
  • Quadon-Black.
  • Quadon-ExtraBoldItalic.
  • Quadon-Heavy.
  • Quadon-HeavyItalic.
  • Quadon-Light.
  • Quadon-LightItalic.
  • Quadon-MediumItalic.
  • Quadon-Italic.
  • Quadon-Medium.
  • Quadon-Regular.
  • Quadon-Thin.
  • Quadon-ThinItalic.
  • Quadon-UltraBold
  • Quadon-UltraBoldItalic.


If you have any questions or need further information, please contact JC Marvin, Director of Marketing & Communication Services.

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