Lindy Archambeau


University of Florida
Warrington College of Business
Management Department
Stuzin Hall 211H



  • PhD - University fo California at Berkeley, 2002
  • MBA - University of California at Berkeley, 1994
  • BA - Cornell University, 1986

Power and daily leader behaviors
Journal: Academy of Management Journal
Authors: Lindy Archambeau

Alliance and Venture Capital Networks: An Analysis of Alliance Development in the Biotechnology Industry
Journal: Unknown
Authors: A Phene, T Galvin, Lindy Archambeau

Attracting Attention: Examining the Creation of Legitimacy in New Venture Capital Firms
Journal: Unknown
Authors: T Galvin, Lindy Archambeau

New Ventures, Venture Capital Firm Characteristics and Survival Outcomes: What is the Link?
Journal: Unknown
Authors: Lindy Archambeau

The Value of Common Beginnings: The Impact of Network Ties on the Absorption of External Knowledge
Journal: Unknown
Authors: A Phene, Lindy Archambeau

University Spin-offs and Resource Munificence: Why Location Matters
Journal: Unknown
Authors: Lindy Archambeau