Lindy Archambeau

University of Florida,
Warrington College of Business
Management Department
PO Box 117165 Gainesville FL 32611
Stuzin Hall 211H


PhD - University fo California at Berkeley, 2002
MBA - University of California at Berkeley, 1994
BA - Cornell University, 1986
Start-up Vs. Diversifying Entrant: Industries with Potentials for Recombining Productive Activities
Published Year: 2014
Authors: Gwen Lee Mishari Alnahedh Lindy Archambeau

Alliance and venture capital networks: An analysis of start-up firms in the biotechnology industry
Published Year: 2012
Authors: Lindy Archambeau

Reputational Capital: The Precedents and Antecedents of Venture Capital
Published Year: 2012
Authors: Lindy Archambeau
Heavy is the head that wears the crown: An actor-centric approach to daily psychological power, abusive leader behavior, and perceived incivility
Journal: Academy of Management Journal
Published Year: 2018
Authors: Trevor Foulk Klodiana Lanaj Min-Hsuan Tu Amir Erez Lindy Archambeau
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