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Marcus Kirk

PwC Term Associate Professor
University of Florida,
Warrington College of Business
Fisher School of Accounting
PO Box 117166 Gainesville FL 32611
Gerson Hall 318
(352) 273-0222


PhD - Accounting, Emory University, 2009
BCom - Commerce, University of Victoria, 2001

Research Areas

Valuation, Financial Markets and Institutions, Financial Reporting and Disclosure Choices, Investor Relations, Accounting within an Economy’s Institutional Infrastructure
Come on over: analyst/investor days as a disclosure medium
Journal: Accounting Review
Published Year: 2016
Authors: Marcus Kirk Stanimir Markov

Meeting individual analysts' expectations
Journal: Accounting Review
Published Year: 2014
Authors: Marcus Kirk David Reppenhagen Jennifer Tucker

Professional investor relations within the firm
Journal: Accounting Review
Published Year: 2014
Authors: Marcus Kirk James Vincent

Does the midpoint of range earnings forecasts represent managers' expectations
Journal: Review of Accounting Studies
Published Year: 2014
Authors: Will Ciconte Marcus Kirk Jennifer Tucker

Research for sale: determinants and consequences of paid-for analyst research
Journal: Journal of Financial Economics
Published Year: 2011
Authors: Marcus Kirk

Memory, transaction records, and the wealth of nations
Journal: Accounting, Organisations and Society
Published Year: 2009
Authors: Sudipta Basu Marcus Kirk Greg Waymire
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