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Kristin E. Joys Ph.D.

Social Entrepreneurship Lecturer
University of Florida,
Warrington College of Business
Management Department
PO Box 117168 Gainesville FL 32611
Bryan Hall 133F
(352) 273-0355


GradCert - Strategic Communication, University of Florida, Strategic Communications Academy for Leaders and Scholars, 2018
GradCert - Social Entrepreneurship, Stanford Graduate School of Business, Executive Program in Social Entrepreneurship, 2014
GradCert - AACSB Academic Scholar status, Post-Doctoral Bridge Program, University of Florida, 2013
Other - Management & Marketing, University of Florida, 2013
GradCert - Executive Education, International Social Entrepreneurship Programme, INSEAD School of Business, 2012
GradCert - Women's and Gender Studies, University of Florida, 2003
PhD - Social Psychology in Sociology, Department of Sociology, University of Florida, 2003
MA - Sociology, University of Florida, 1999
BS - Psychology, University of Florida, 1998
Don't Just Count Your Hours, Make Your Hours Count: The Essential Guide to Volunteering & Community Service
Published Year: 2011
Authors: Alana Rush Kristin Joos
Teaching Social Entrepreneurship
Accepted Year: 2014
Authors: Michele Leaman Kristin Joos

Online Inquiry of Public Selves: Methodological Considerations
Published Year: 2007
Authors: K. Broad Alan Bryman K. Joos
Engaging Students with Elluminate
Published Year: 2009
Authors: Kristin Joos

Engaged & Motivated Students as Emerging Adults: their life goals and values
Published Year: 2005
Authors: Kristin Joos

Beyond the Closet but Still in the House: Children-of-LGBTQ-parent(s) and Their Coming out Stories
Published Year: 2004
Authors: Kristin Joos

The Great Condom Buying Adventure: Analyzing College Students' Narratives of Purchasing Condoms
Published Year: 2003
Authors: L. Houts Kristin Joos

What does it Mean to be a Success?: The Life Goals of Emerging Adults
Published Year: 2003
Authors: Kristin Joos

Outsiders Within: Workgroup Composition, Family Support, and Job Satisfaction among Black and White Women Workers, at the Work/Family Annual Conference
Published Year: 2002
Authors: C. Shehan S. Cody Kristin Joos

Sexualities, Identities, and Sociological Research: Internet Inquiry of Parents and Children of Lesbians and Gay Men at The Future of Social Problems
Published Year: 2002
Authors: K. Broad Kristin Joos

The Invisibility of Children of LGBTQ Parent(s)
Published Year: 2002
Authors: Kristin Joos

Healthy Images? Gender Messages in the 'Got Milk?' Campaign
Published Year: 2000
Authors: C. Shehan Kristin Joos
Investing in Changemakers: Using Kiva as an experiential learning tool
Journal: Journal of Strategic Management Education
Accepted Year: 2015
Authors: Kristin Joos

The Great Condom Adventure: Analyzing College Students' Narratives of Buying Condoms
Journal: Journal of Sociological Research
Published Year: 2009
Authors: L. Picca K. Joos

Coming Out of the Family Closet: Stories of Adult Women with LGBTQ Parent(s)
Journal: Qualitative Sociology
Published Year: 2007
Authors: K. Broad Kristin Joos
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