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Lisa Hinson

EY Term Assistant Professor

(352) 273-0217



  • PhD - Accounting, University of Georgia, 2016
  • MS - Accountancy, Wake Forest University, 2009
  • BS - Analytical Finance, Wake Forest University, 2008
Last 3 years

Courses Taught

  • Fin Accounting Rep 1 (ACG3101)
  • Overview of Acc Rsrch (ACG7885)
Last 3 years

Phd Students Advised

  • Kevin Munch — 2024 — Current
Last 5 years

Professional Service

Last 5 years

Journal Article Publications

  • The Decision-Usefulness of ASC 606 Revenue Disaggregation
    Status: Accepted
    Journal: Accounting Review
    Published Year: 2024
    Authors: Lisa Hinson, Gabriel Pundrich, Mark Zakota
  • Financial Statement Adequacy and Firms’ MD&A Disclosures
    Status: Published
    Journal: Contemporary Accounting Research
    Published Year: 2024
    Authors: Stephen Brown, Lisa Hinson, Jennifer Tucker
  • Structural Equation Modeling in Archival Capital Markets Research: An Empirical Application to Disclosure and Cost of Capital
    Status: Published
    Published Year: 2023
    Authors: Lisa Hinson, Steven Utke
  • The Tradeoff between Relevance and Comparability in Segment Reporting
    Status: Published
    Journal: Journal of Accounting Literature
    Published Year: 2019
    Authors: Lisa Hinson, Jennifer Tucker, Diana Weng

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University of Florida
Warrington College of Business
Fisher School of Accounting
Gerson Hall 322

(352) 273-0217


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