Assurance of Learning

AACSB requires that faculty have a deep involvement in the process of assuring that students in our programs are learning. Data collected is analyzed by program committees and used to fuel conversations on continuous improvement.

The AACSB standards for assurance of learning have two foundational goals: accountability and continuous improvement.

The specific language of the standard is as follows:

  • "The school uses a well documented, systematic process to develop, monitor, evaluate, and revise the substance and delivery of the curricula of degree programs and assesses the impact of the curricula on learning."
  • The AoL standards also state that "faculty should have ownership of, and a deep involvement in, assurance of learning." As such, four faculty members have been assigned as "AoL Faculty Leads" to cover the College's degree programs.

Heavener School of Business

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Faculty Lead: John Banko - Lecturer
Committee: Undergraduate Curriculum

Fisher School of Accounting

Master of Accounting

Faculty Lead: Jill K Goslinga — Grant Thornton Faculty Fellow, Lecturer
Committee: FSOA Curriculum

Bachelor of Science in Accounting

Faculty Lead: Jill K Goslinga — Grant Thornton Faculty Fellow, Lecturer
Committee: FSOA Curriculum

Hough Graduate School of Business


Faculty Lead: Mark Flannery – Bank of America Eminent Scholar Chair, Professor
Committee: MBA Curriculum

Master of Science in Information Systems and Operations Management

Faculty Lead: Kenny Cheng – John B. Higdom Eminent Scholar Chair, Professor
Committee Members: Asoo Vakahari, Haldun Aytug, Praveen Pathak, Anand Paul

Master of Science in Entrepreneurship (The Thomas S. Johnson Program)

Faculty Lead: Michael Morris – George W. and Lisa Etheridge, Jr. Professor
Committee Members: Bill Rossi and Jamie Kraft

Master of International Business

Faculty Lead: Brian Gendreau – Hough Professor
Committee Members: Sean Limon, Ana Portocarrero, Amanda Phalin

Master of Science in Management

Faculty Lead: Gwen Lee – Chester C. Holloway Professor, Associate Professor
Committee Members: Sean Limon, Lindy Archambeau, Ana Portocarrero

Master of Science in Finance (The Wiliam R. Hough Program)

Faculty Lead: David Brown – BB&T Professor of Free Enterprise, Associate Professor
Committee Members: Carolyn Brown, Brian Gendreau

Master of Science in Real Estate (The Nathan S. Collier Program)

Faculty Lead: David Ling — Ken & Linda McGurn Professor
Committee Members: Wayne Archer

Ph.D. Programs

Faculty Lead: Chris Janiszewski - JCPenney Professor of Marketing
Committee: PhD Curriculum

DBA Programs

Faculty Lead: Phil Podsakoff – Brian R. Gamache Professor
Committee: DBA Curriculum


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