Traditional MSRE

The 34 credit hour Nathan S. Collier MSRE program begins in late June and ends with graduation the following May. In addition to a cohesive and comprehensive set of core real estate courses, Master in Real Estate students are able to select from a broad array of finance, entrepreneurship, development, building construction, and urban and regional planning electives. The required "capstone" course provides MSRE students the opportunity to analyze "live" commercial real estate cases supplied and supported by practicing real estate professionals. The multidisciplinary curriculum, coupled with the active involvement of real estate professionals, provides a premier educational experience for our students.

Required Courses

(26 credit hours)

Course Title Credit
REE 6045 Introduction to Real Estate 2
GEB 5212 Professional Writing 1
GEB 5215 Professional Communication 1
REE 6007 Fundamentals of Real Estate Development 2
BUL 6516 Law of Real Estate Transactions 2
REE 6315 Real Estate Market & Transaction Analysis 2
REE 6935 Real Estate Case Studies
(1 cr. during Summer B, Fall & Spring terms)
REE 6395 Investment Property Analysis 2
REE 6930 Real Estate Research and Technology 1
REE 6105 Real Estate Appraisal 2
REE 6948 Capstone Seminar & Applied Project 2
QMB 5304 Introduction to Managerial Statistics 2
Plus at least 2 of the following:
GEB 6930 Graduate International Experience - Real Estate 2
REE 6208 Secondary Mortgage Markets & Securitization 2
REE 6737 Real Estate Development 2

Approved Elective Courses*

(8 credit hours)

Course Title Credit
BCN 6585 Sustainable Construction 3
FIN 5437 Finance I: Asset Valuation, Risk & Return 2
FIN 5439 Finance II: Capital Structure & Risk Management Issues 2
FIN 6545 Fixed Income Security Valuation 2
FIN 6547 Interest Rate Risk Management 2
FIN 6642 Global Entrepreneurship 2
ENT 6006 Entrepreneurship 2
ENT 6016 Venture Analysis 2
ENT 6116 Business Plan Formation 2
MAN 6447 Art and Science of Negotiation 2
QMB 5305 Advanced Managerial Statistics 2
URP6042 Urban Economy 3
URP6061 Planning Administration and Ethics 3
URP6100 Planning Theory and History 3
URP6103 Development Review 3
URP6542 Land Development Economics 3
URP6745 Housing, Public Policy and Planning 3
URP6871 Planning Design I 3
URP6872 Planning Design II 3

*Other courses may be taken with approval of Program Director.
BCN: Building Construction; FIN: Finance; URP: Urban and Regional Planning

The small class size and family-like atmosphere of the MSRE program was helpful. It has prepared me to bring everyone involved on a project together, to accomplish a common goal successfully.
Burk Hedrick,
MSRE Class of 2014

Important Dates

  • Application Deadline:
    March 15th
  • Next Program Starts:
    June 29, 2018


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