MSM Certificate Options

MSM students are afforded the opportunity to gain specialization in several areas: New Venture Creation, Supply Chain Management, Hospitality Management, Global Management and Business Ethics. The first four of these Certificates may be earned through graduate business elective credits. The last gives an opportunity to earn a certificate through extra-curricular participation in lunch discussions and guest speaker activities offered by the Poe Center for Business Ethics, Education and Research. All certificates are awarded by the Hough Graduate School of Business in the Warrington College of Business Administration and they are not minors or specializations that appear on the official UF transcript.

Certificate in New Venture Creation

*This certificate will be discontinued after Fall (December) 2014.

The Certificate in New Venture Creation, offered by the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CEI), is designed to provide Warrington College of Business Administration graduate students with the education and experience necessary to pursue careers in the new entrepreneurial economy. Anyone can start a business, but a well-informed individual is more likely to lead a new business into long-term success. This certificate, which requires 8 credits for completion, is obtained by taking specified courses for your 4 electives in the MSM program. The certificate is awarded at the end of the program once passing credits are verified.

Even if you are not seeking a certificate you can get involved!

CEI also offers free workshops, a business plan competition, guest speakers, and other extracurricular activities in which students can get involved.

Certificate in Tourism and Hospitality Business Management

The hospitality industry is a fast-growing and very global industry that seeks to hire seasoned professionals for upper-level managerial positions. Through the coursework offered through Hough's Certificate in Tourism and Hospitality Business Management, students will gain necessary knowledge for a career within the hotel, theme park, casino, cruise line, and vacation/tourism industries. To earn this certificate, MSM students must take a total of 10 credits (5 courses) over the fall and spring terms. Four of the 10 credits are MSM core courses (Organizational Behavior and Production & Operations Management), and the remaining 6 credits are completed from a selection of courses.

Certificate in Global Management

*This certificate will be discontinued after Fall (December) 2014.

It is increasingly important that business students achieve a truly global perspective as they approach their lives and careers. To recognize students who pursue this goal successfully, the Warrington College of Business Administration offers a Certificate in Global Management. The Certificate is available to all graduate students in the Warrington College of Business. The Certificate is designed for the student who wants a stronger foundation in the international aspects of the managerial disciplines and an opportunity to attend a foreign business school or complete other international work to gain a unique and global perspective. Students must complete 8 credits of international business coursework at UF as part of their MSM elective sequence (courses such as Open Economy Macroeconomics, International Advertising, and International Business Law), and an additional 4 credits through foreign study. Foreign study options include short programs (4-6 weeks) offered by our partner universities and one-week study tours offered by Warrington.

Ethics - Franklin Fellows (Extracurricular)

The Poe Center for Business Ethics, Education, and Research seeks to increase student awareness of the importance of ethics in their personal and professional lives. Through graduate and undergraduate classes, and through its activities and programs, the Center provokes thought and discussion of business ethics. Learn more about the Franklin Fellows.


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