MAcc Course Availability

Students in the 3/2 or the traditional Master of Accounting program must complete 34 credit hours course work from three areas of study: accounting, business core, and approved business electives.

All courses (except ENC 5236) are offered in the 2 credit hour modular format and are typically only offered once a year. Prerequisites are strictly enforced. Therefore, to avoid delays in graduation resulting from missing prerequisites, students are encouraged to pay careful attention to course availability listed below.

Accounting Courses

Students must complete 18 credit hours of graduate level accounting including 6 credit hours of required accounting courses (ACG 5226—Mergers and Acquisitions and Consolidated Statements, ACG 5815—Accounting Institutions and Professional Literature, and TAX 5065—Tax Professional Research). The remaining 12 credit hours can be selected from the MAcc Accounting Coursework.

Business Core Courses

Students must complete 12 credit hours of common core courses including: BUL 5832—Commercial Law for Accountants, MAN 5246—Organizational Behavior, MAN 6724—Strategic Management, ENC 5236—Writing for Accountants, and FIN XXXX—Selected graduate finance module*

*Because a variety of finance courses satisfy this requirement, the courses are listed in the approved electives section below.

Approved Business Electives

The MAcc program requires the completion of 4 credits of approved elective modules. The electives are designed to enhance the student's graduate plan of study by allowing him/her to further explore an academic area of interest relating to his/her career goals. Each semester, the school will post on its website a list of graduate courses that are available for the forthcoming semester that will satisfy the approved elective requirements. For courses not listed, students may submit a petition to the Fisher School requesting its approval. The petition should clearly state how the proposed course will enhance the student's program of graduate studies.


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