Professional Speaker Series

Offered Fall and Spring semesters, the Professional Speaker Series (ACG3802) is designed to expose students to technical topics and emerging issues in accounting, business, and in related professions such as law. Guest speakers will provide a practicing professional’s insights regarding technical issues and concerns affecting the accounting profession. Some sessions will relate to professional career planning, and the speakers will discuss various specialty areas, unusual occupations, unique firm practice structures, or non-traditional career opportunities. Presentations are followed by a reception during which time students can interact one-on-one with the speaker and his or her associates.

Attendance is limited to those students who have registered for the course or have advanced approval from the course coordinator. The course may not be repeated.

Spring 2020

Speakers: Mike Safra and Ashley Graham
Topic: A Career in Tax
6:15-8:15pm, Gerson 126

Speakers: Jill Hanrahan and Ana Gomes
Topic: PwC: Leading The Digital World
6:15-8:15pm, Gerson 126

Speaker: Elizabeth Paulson
6:15-8:15pm, Gerson 126

Alex Obenauf

Alex Obenauf
6:15-8:15pm, Gerson 126

About the Speaker: Alex Obenauf is a Managing Director in KPMG’s Healthcare Advisory practice. He has over 15 years of experience on performance improvement and technology transformation in the healthcare industry. He is currently focused on assisting clients with addressing the challenges driven by reform, economic changes, consumer preference and technology innovation.

Topic: As healthcare organizations seek to put the consumer at the center of healthcare decision-making, here are some key considerations:

  • Start serving different consumers in different ways, rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach.
  • Undertake fundamental value-enhancement programs to identify where spending leads to real value and where it does not.
  • Keep an eye toward creating one layered delivery network through which patients can move seamlessly as they age and their needs evolve.
  • Forge strategic partnerships with technology disruptors — from integrators for patient/program matching, to reimbursable health apps and tools, to predictive and behavioral analytics providers.

Speakers: Janae Leth and Margaret Reach
Topic: TBD
6:15-8:15pm, Gerson 126

6:15-8:15pm, Gerson 126

Past Speakers