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For information on applying as a freshman, please visit the UF Online website.


Lower-Division Transfer Applicants

Transfer applicants who have earned fewer than 60 transferable credits will be evaluated by the Office of Admissions. If applying as a lower-division transfer student, you may need to have some of the prerequisites listed below completed. Applications will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis after all application materials have been received.

Upper-Division Transfer Applicants

Applicants with 60 or more transferable credits must meet the upper-division transfer requirements for UF and for the Heavener School of Business. For UF requirements, application procedures and deadlines, visit UF Online. For Heavener School of Business Requirements, see below.

General Requirements

Transfer students who have not completed all prerequisites at a Florida public state or community college or university, or whose course numbers do not match those below, are encouraged to apply very early in order to allow time for course equivalency petitions to be evaluated.

The following outlines our general admission requirements for upper-division transfer applicants (those who have 60 or more transferable credits). You do not have to complete all of our admission requirements before you apply to UF, but you do have to complete them before you start your first semester. Online business majors can start UF in the fall, spring, or Summer C semester (but not Summer A or B). If you have any questions about your eligibility for our program, we encourage you to email our Admissions Coordinator.

  • UF’s Minimum Transfer Admission Requirements
  • Note that although you do not need an AA degree, students who do not have an AA degree from a Florida public community/state college may be required to complete additional course work.
  • Complete the seven required prerequisite business courses with a minimum 2.5 GPA. You can submit your application when you’ve completed four of these. At that point, if you’ve earned a 2.5 prerequisite GPA and have the remainder of the seven courses in progress, we will conditionally admit you to our program.
  • If you have completed five of the seven required prerequisite business courses, including Financial Accounting and Calculus, with a minimum 2.9 GPA, you may be admitted to the program, in which case you would be required to satisfactorily complete your remaining prerequisites during your first term at UF. However, if you have time to complete all 7 prerequisites prior to enrolling at UF, it is strongly recommended you do so.
  • Students who are currently enrolled in a UF, campus‐based major are generally not eligible for the Online Business Program unless their personal circumstances require them to move away from Gainesville or to work full time.

If you have any questions about your eligibility for our program, please feel free to email Admissions (admissions at

Prerequisite Courses

You must complete ALL seven of our prerequisite courses before you can enroll at UF as an upper-division transfer student.

Course Title
ACG 2021 Introduction to Financial Accounting
ACG 2071 Introduction to Managerial Accounting
CGS 2531 Problem Solving Using Computers
ECO 2013 Principles of Macroeconomics
ECO 2023 Principles of Microeconomics
MAC 2233 Survey of Calculus
STA 2023 Introduction to Statistics

If you took any of these courses at a private or non-Florida school, and/or your school does not use these exact course numbers, review our Preprofessional Course Equivalency Table to find the equivalent course(s) offered at your institution. If you took our prerequisite courses at a private or out-of-state school, check our Course Equivalency Database to determine if the courses have been deemed equivalent to ours. If the courses are not listed in the database, or if the course equivalencies have expired (see dates in far right column), you must complete a Preprofessional Course Equivalency Form and submit documentation for each of the prerequisite courses you took. Please allow at least one month for your course equivalency to be evaluated.

Note: It is not to your advantage to take junior/senior-level business courses at another school, as these courses will not count toward your UF business degree. If you have completed an equivalent junior/senior-level business course elsewhere (for example, Business Law or Principles of Management), we will require you to retake the course or take a higher-level course in the same subject area at UF, and you will not earn additional college credit when repeating the course.

Prerequisite GPA

To be considered for upper-division transfer admission, you must earn a minimum 2.5 prerequisite GPA; that is, not a 2.5 in each course, but a 2.5 average for all seven courses. Please note that UF does not offer grade forgiveness—when we calculate your prerequisite GPA, we will calculate all of your attempts at our prerequisite courses, except that once you earn a grade of “C” or higher in one of these courses, no higher grade earned subsequently will count. In other words, once you earn a grade of “C” or higher, you cannot retake the course to improve your GPA. Our GPA calculator can help you determine your prerequisite GPA.


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