Sun Yat-Sen University

Guangzhou, China

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Sun Yat-Sen University or Zhongshan University is a prominent university in the southern part of China, located mainly in Guangzhou. The university is named after Dr. Sun Yat-Sen, a physician and later president of the Republic of China. The university consists of 4 campuses (South Campus, North Campus, East Campus and Zhuhai Campus) with a total area of 6.17 square kilometers.

The School

Sun Yat-Sen is a comprehensive university with four campuses. The School of Business is divided into the East Campus (undergraduate program) and the South Campus (Master's programs). The School of Business is relatively new, but has grown tremendously and achieved high rankings in China. More than 60 professors are on faculty and the School of Business is known for outstanding research. The university has several libraries, a sports complex, a swimming pool, a student activity center, and several cafeterias and canteens.

The City

Guangzhou is located in the North of the Pearl River Delta, an important trading center for the Guangdong province. Guangzhou is a metropolis with more than 2,800 years history and has a population of 6.7 million. There are many museums and sights to see in the city, and the weather is generally mild year-round. The city is large and public transportation is good. It takes only a little more than1 hour to arrive in Hong Kong by train.

Term Dates

Fall semester: early September - late January
Spring semester: early March - early July (2009: March 1- July 3)

Courses Available

Courses in English as part of the Master's and IMBA programs. Courses primarily in Management and Finance, and choice is limited in the spring term if you are only an English speaker.


Mandarin is the primary language, but Cantonese is also widely spoken. Many professors, staff and students in the School of Business speak English. Most courses are in Mandarin, with some selection in English each term.

Credit Conversions & Grading

Minimum Credit Requirements

Minimum three courses (equivalent to minimum 8 UF credits) per semester.

Estimated Costs

$1000 per month.


Assistance will be provided in finding suitable off-campus housing. For students who want to arrive first and then search for housing (recommended), accommodation can be granted for a week or two at one of the campus hotels/guesthouses. There are many nice apartment options (single or to share) within walking distance of the campus. It is standard to use a real estate company/real estate agent to help you find a place; your SYSU buddy can also help with translation and negotiation. Most foreign students live just outside the campus North Gate and pay between $250 to $300 USD per month for a very nice apartment. You will also be required to pay the real estate agent a finder's fee of approximately $220 USD.


Travel Opportunities

Daily ferries take passengers from Guangzhou to Hong Kong, as the third largest city in China, there are many activities in the city center and surrounding area.

Contacts Abroad

Ms. Connie Yan
Coordinator of Intl Exchange Program
School of Business, Sun Yat-Sen University
No. 135 XinGang West Rd.
Guangzhou, 510275, P.R. China
Tel: 8620-84112697
Fax: 8620-84036924
Email (yandh at

Ms. Annie Ding
Coordinator IMBA Program
Tel: 8620-84110660
Fax: 8620-84113626
Email (Happiness233 at